My Experience with the game

So i have played no rest for the wicked for 2 days now and all i can say is that i love this game! It has some framerate issues and is a bit laggy here and there, epsecially when loading the world after it changed or when i log in but other than that i have enjoyed my time! Unfortunately my enjoyment was cut short because i deleted accidentally my character where my early access cerim armor was on, so now i apparently lost that armor forever without ever testing it since i didnt even reach level 21 yet, since its a one time claim only. Also i know the system of gems and enchantments has a purpose, i think, but maybe if possible could there be a function added where you can change or replace your gem if you want to do something else? I find it very annoying when i placed a gem on a legendary boss item and found out i was stuck with that. Oh and if any developer sees this, please if possible restore my level 10 charscter with the cerim armor on it or at least give the armor back, it seriously bugs me that i now have lost it forever