Item stat requirements seem a little off

I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind the stat requirements on some items. Why do some melee weapons require int or faith to use? This feels like someone saw the way it was done in Elden Ring and decided it should be that way here without understanding the reasoning behind why it was done that way there. In Elden Ring, the melee weapons that required a casting stat to use had innate magical damage types or a unique weapon art that corresponded to that stat. In NRftW, we don’t have that. Base weapons just deal flat physical damage meaning someone doing a full melee build now has to put points into a casting stat they otherwise are not going to use. What’s worse is some weapons don’t even seem to continue their stat requirements from tier to tier. The first 2 tiers of the dual daggers requires str/dex but the third tier requires dex/int, meaning someone using dual daggers is just stuck at tier 2 unless they get their int all the way up to 26.

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