I can't use any Tier 2 Weapons or Shields, and I'm getting Tier 3 Drops - Serious problem!

I have not found a single Tier 2 shield I can use, and only one weapon that I can use- I’m level 16 now, and am at the point of the game where T3 weapons are dropping.

The 1H basic Tier 2 mace from the blacksmith requires… 22 Faith? And no Strength? Is that a mistake?

I am getting Tier 3 drops now, so something is very wrong with this picture. I can’t buy or find a Tier 2 / 1H weapon that I can use.

I didn’t realize Faith was a requirement for - as far as I can tell - every single ‘Strength’ type weapon or shield- this is not at all intuitive- and now I’m in a position where it would require 4 levels of every point going towards Faith to use a simple one-handed, non-magical mace, or a kite shield

(shield reqs I’ve found include 22 dex for small shield; larger, non-magic shields require 18/18 F/S, or 22 Faith??)

All weapons have very high and non-intuitive stat requirements - 22 dex for a 1h katana (at least it makes sense), 22 int for a spear (why?), 16 STR 16 FTH for a Great hammer (no magical runes). Pretty much across the board, I cannot use any weapon I acquire at this point. NO T2 weapons are usable just with high strength - at least as far as I’ve seen. That’s bananas.

Requiring INT because a spear has a magical attack doesn’t make a great deal of sense, because that rune can be extracted and put into other weapons anyway.

This requires a lot of specialization in individual stats- thereby necessarily locking out other interesting equipment. But more importantly, who would expect to have needed to pump stats into Faith for non-magical weapons? I needed to know that before I leveled up…

I would love to try out weapons beyond my Climber’s pick, but the only Tier 2 weapon I meet reqs for is a Halberd (which is awesome).

I think the requirements need a substantial toning down, and maybe a re-think on the very high int / faith requirements for spears and basic, non-magical shields and hammers(?!).



A stat respec system us much needed, and should not be expensive as the CEO of the game want to implement it


I agree with that for sure, but it doesn’t solve the problem - 22 Skill points in any given stat at level 12-15 (by which time you’ll be seeing mostly or only Tier 2) is a major investment, given that there are 8 different stats. Health, Stamina, Focus, and Equip Load are all very important to invest in.

There are 4 stats (Faith, Int, Str, Dex) that can be prerequisites for using a weapon, and they’re randomly combined- sometimes there is a pattern, sometimes not.

Totally onboard with a respec system, but you shouldn’t have to respec in a very specialized way just to use the most basic class weapon from the blacksmith

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you can upgrade tier 1 weapons all the way to tier 3.

but yea the game needs a respecc mechanic i don’t care if it costs silver.

You certainly can upgrade T1, but I’d love to use a weapon/shield beyond the starter set!

I don’t think Respec is the whole problem - the stat requirements are too high and too weird given where you start getting T2s and T3s

One problem is definitely that the Realm levels up, regardless of the player level as soon as the respective boss is killed.

I am currently level 17 and after the last boss I killed all items that drop require level 21, which is frustrating.

I also feel there is not a lot of variety on the different Stats / Stat-combos up until this point at least.

I picked the Pick (Strength / Faith) as my first weapon.
So I steadily invested in both attributes to increase the damage, but have yet to find another weapon that actually benefits from both.
Finding and trying different weapons feels like it should be an essential part of the game, but at least in Tier 1 and 2 you really only get on option for your desired attribute(-combo).

I do like the world-scaling, because I’d rather that the early areas didn’t become totally obsolete / 1-shot galleries- but I’m absolutely with you on the level of item drops.

By the time you ‘unlock’ T3 by beating the boss, you’re probably level 15-18. I did a fair amount of adventuring, exploring, activities and bounties, and I was level 15 or 16 when I found and defeated the boss. Lvl 21 is a LONG way off - levels come slow, which is great, but it’s a mismatch.

And I fully agree on the stats issue! I’d like to try different weapons, not be shoe-horned into whatever I picked first for the rest of the game.

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I agree, I already made a topic on how scaling atributes should work, I hope they change it a little and make it more “class” focused, because I was startled with the same thing on my full strength build. There is no deny that the game is souls-inspired and that’s good but they should get the gear right.

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