Weapon Stat Requirements Are Too High

Stat requirements for for weapons are way to high at the moment and very often require dual stats of mid-high 20s. Nearly every new and better weapon I find I am unable to use with my current build and wouldn’t be able to use it for a significant amount of time and dumping every level into a particular stat. This made the game feel very restrictive in what builds were available to me.

(See attached image) 22 str and 22 faith is just way too high for a fairly early game weapon requirement. I acquired this weapon after about 7 hours in the game and started levelling my strength to reach it, ignoring every other stat so I didn’t improve my health, stamina, focus or equip load. I reached the strength requirement but eventually just gave up with faith and started distributing my points elsewhere. Now after 15 hours in game I still do not have the requirements to use the weapon, and I have since found better weapons.

To be clear, I am fine with dual stat weapons but it should not be this high. A str requirement of 22 would be fine if the faith stat was around 12-14. Also, we need more single stat only weapons that don’t have ridiculously high requirements. Most of the single stat weapons I found have a requirement of 40+ which is just the same problem as before.

Also a lot of the dual stats don’t make sense. I have found weapons that require only faith or int or both faith and int but don’t seem to be magical in any way limiting players that want to play with pure dex or str builds.

Seriously, this one is 26 faith and int for a regular curved sword, yes it scales but it has nothing else special about it. Typically in Souls games, if a weapon is magical it will deal magic damage or have a special magic attack. Why should players have to waste so many points to get an upgrade.

Edit: A few spelling/grammar mistakes and expanded on a point in the last paragraph