Weapon requirement/ stats suggestion

weapons should be based on character level 1, 11,21 etc instead of requiring stats!!!

stats need to change to classic RPG system

str = damage to melee weapons and armor weight! inc crit damage
dex = range/dagger damage and increase crit chance
int = staff / magic damage and inc magic crit/crit damage
hp = max hp inc
stam= max stam
faith = stam/focus regain
focus = max focus inc
weight = armor weight inc more then str

i just feel like wanting to test these weapons out but to level a new character to see if you like it is just insane

and you dont really know how much stats you need for the next weapon upgrade until found a weapon!! like whats the stat requirement for a level 31 weapons at this rate it will be 72 str

while you can just keep upgrading existing weapons from the starting zone to max is also insane making them top tier because you can just have a twink level 1 character!!!

Or get this, be able to use any weapon but it will have reduced damage and effectiveness if you haven’t speced into the stats that make you 100% effecient with it.