Certain items have unfitting skill requirements - e.g. Kite Shield

The Kite Shield requires 22 Faith? It has zero magical properties- it’s an old beaten shield, by description.

Seems a bit silly! Feels like a contrivance towards making Faith a useful stat (respectfully :slight_smile: ) But there’s no chance I would put enough points in Faith to get to 22 at this point, and I’d like to be able to use a good medium shield!

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It seems like all of the T2 shields I’m finding have a high Faith requirement - Crimson Guard and Kite Shield require 22 / 18 respectively, and neither have any magical/faith properties.

A lot of weapons have very strange stat requirements. The twin daggers you can buy after upgrading the blacksmith need both equal amounts of strength and dexterity. Why do daggers require strength at all?

It seems like Moon just want to force you to dump points into stats purely for requirements. I really hope they change this and lower the stat requirements in general.

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It definitely needs a re-think - there are too many stats for all of the requirements to be this deep, especially considering that you still have to level stamina, health, equip load, and focus