I really hope you can see it!

The game is of good quality and has potential, and your high frequency of updates shows me your attitude. Still, there seems to be a lot of problems with the game at the moment, with performance issues taking the brunt of it, making it impossible for me to convince my friends to play your game. I have some personal suggestions I’d like you guys to look at.
First of all the performance is terrible and I have to mention it again! The map scene is rich in variety, but the different types have different frame rates that affect the experience, which is why many players have been discouraged from playing the game or even running it, as was the case with the recent Dragon’s Dogma 2, so much so that they only got a 60% favorable rating, and the bad reviews are basically all about the performance, so how many copies will be purchased and how many bad reviews will be received is unimaginable!
Secondly, the stitching together of the difficult Souls gameplay and the casual farming gameplay is very cutthroat and unsuitable, so maybe you should drastically reduce the difficulty of the farming gameplay (the building consumes too many materials!), so that players don’t have to play through the complexity of the gameplay. Maybe you should drastically reduce the difficulty of farming gameplay (building consumes too many materials!) so that players don’t have to think about collecting materials from time to time in complex maps, and instead focus on immersing themselves in your high quality combat and action design, which is the point of the game, and focusing on both ends up being difficult for both sides of the equation. Personally, I think you can look at Elden’s Circle (I think you guys have the ambition and strength to do this), although FS designed the gameplay to collect materials to make items, but the difficulty is relatively simple, only the collection of items that affects the strength of the character is difficult, so as not to destroy their excellent combat design, I suggest you guys should do the same.
I’m happy to see that you’re going to do multiplayer co-op, maybe I can call my friends, but I’m a bit worried when I see that you’ve ranked it very high, there are only four high difficulty bosses in your game, and the game flow is short, multiplayer co-op should be matched with richer game content to have more fun, maybe you can solve the game’s problems first (especially performance), and then consider adding more game content first. ), then consider adding content to the game, and finally consider co-op.
These are my heartfelt words from my first purchase experience so far, I hope you guys can think about this, thanks!

Just to be sure… you know the game is in early access, right? You know the content we have right now isn’t complete by a far margin, right?

Multiplayer will be the first, big update and it will certainly bring more content with it. New areas, new bosses, etc. What we’re playing now is just the surface of what could very well become the “early game” of the finished version.