How to Properly Report Bugs!

This is where you can report bugs!
Please create a topic explaining the bug you’ve encountered, followed by these important guidelines:

  1. At present, we’re only accepting responses in English.

  2. Grab a picture/video showing the bug.

  3. Grab the log files (both Player.log and Player-prev.log) and the DataStore folder that can be found here:
    %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Moon Studios\NoRestForTheWicked

  4. Grab the dxdiag file:
    – Press the windows key
    – Type ’ dxdiag ’
    – Run the program
    – Click the ‘Save All Information’ button
    – Save to a path

  5. Please upload these files externally to websites such as or to your Google Drive/OneDrive account and link it in your topic, as we currently only allow images to be uploaded directly to the forum.

  6. Where you able to reproduce the bug?

  7. Where you able to reproduce the bug?

  8. Has this bug already been reported on the forum? If it has, please post your bug report on the mentioned topic.

  9. Don’t forget to tag the bug with the appropriate tag! If you can’t find the tag you need, create one :slight_smile:

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