How many tries did you need, before you defeated the Echo Knight?

I just defeated the Echo Knight finally, after 12 tries(!)
Sadly the rewards were pretty bad, a cursed legendary lance and a piece of armor that looks very cool but is so heavy it weighs more then my other pieces combined.
So a bit of a waste of time I guess.

Just out of curiosity how many tries did all of you need and did you have more luck with the loot? :smiley:


Took me a long time; lots of tries. But I think it was because I was focused on being spammy. Once I got around to letting him attack, blink/teleport out of the way, then get a volley in, rinse and repeat… it went much better and I finally beat it.

And once you know HOW, it’s then repeatable for the most part (still can have mishaps).

I went the way of the mage with high focus, so I can blink and weapon throw without worry.

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Ah nice just cloth armor?
Man I thought my plate armor wasn’t enough tbh.
Your braver then me lol. I burst him down with lightning flurry and staying on his ass. And used a torch of course.

More time than I want to admit publically
Kept getting beaten when I attacked, when I tried to sneak in one extra bit.

After you realize it’s better to respond to his attacks…smoother sailing

Ice bow build with hunting knife
Ice dual daggers

5, I think? Maybe 6. I was using a decent scimitar, though. Twirl dash is a very good rune attack.

Haven’t defeated it yet with my full faith 2h mace build, don’t want to bother. Think with my full int mage got it in the 2nd or 3rd try. Building my str/dex quick lance build, lvl24 haven’t been able to defeat him in like 5 tries so far, got 100%+ focus gain but my rune attack ain’t getting nothing back.

You guys got any good loot?
I got this weird lance that is cursed; when you take dmg you can’t do damage yourself for 10 secs!
Don’t think I will try that one…

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im not sure. maybe 20-25 tries to get it done. had to take a lot of breaks because the current grind of going through the maps to get to the boss and lose, just to do it all over again felt unrewardingly brutal. I was using a range, INT focus spam build. I ended up putting remaining points into carry weight so i wouldnt get 1 shot, or stunned then executed every time. having to grind till focus gems dropped for me, and i only very recently got the focus ring after beating the boss, which helps a lot. I had to build the freeze wand, sky (something), so i could utilize the freeze. i tried battling it at a distance without it, but, i keep getting killed from attacks i cant see in time because of the way the camera allows the boss to go off screen. Beat the boss once, havent been able to do it again. But, have stopped trying because I feel like the current slog to the boss after losing is unfun.
My reward for beating it was also a yellow I cant use. would be ok if I could
grind the boss fine. But, I struggle too much, so that loot felt like an unlucky punch in the gut, lol.

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Yeh this boss certainly has some jank to it with attacks you can’t see and are unavoidable. Kinda the biggest crime in a fighting game that relies on skill if you ask me. It’s fine to make a game hard but I need to see what is coming to be able to respond. Also their are quite a few regular mobs in the world that charge you from off screen knock you down and kill you before you even can get up.
Sadly it results in players using gimmicky build to burst the Echo Knight down in stead of really fighting him and truing to understand him, because why would you?
And the other bossfights I liked a lot btw, and were done a lot better imo.

My armor is a mix of cloth, mesh, and some leather. I posted one of my Echo Knight fight clips to YT earlier; you can check it out. I examined my gear in the beginning, so you can see what I wear.

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About 7 tries on a Dex build with medium weight. The fails actually made me dive deeper into build upgrades and armor/weapon/rune options. I quickly realized not only was I not good enough but my build and gear wasn’t quit ready yet.

I kept tweaking my build and once I got my medium weight to work with 900 armor along with duel daggers and cold enchantment the fight became more manageable. Allowing me more time to learn it. Now I have a really good success rate across 4 different characters. My last alt got it’s 1st kill at lvl 23 and could’ve done it at lvl 21 had I pushed for it instead of doing bounties.

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He has this one move he seems to do to me everytime and I can’t roll or blink out of it’s HUGE RANGE.

He plunges his sword into the ground and it looks like an Ice effect and has a blowback effect., he seems to do it three times.

I’ve literally been at the other side of the arena, and his visuals indicate he has a ring of efffect, but he always hits me out of the supposed effect range to the point I swear it’s a bug that he can hit me from EVERY part of the arena using this move. Ive tested it over and over,…

It’s range is essentially unlimited and rolling or blinking seems to do nothing against it. It’s the only move I cannot counter so far and it kills me everytime from full health.

BUG or Intended effect? Is my dodge timing just off…? Seems I’ve done this 10 odd times now trying to dodge different timings but ends the same way when he does this one specific attack.

I figured out some of my mistakes… 13th attempt.

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I killed him for a very long time, probably killed attempts from the 20th to 30th, then more and more often, it’s definitely necessary to wear medium armor with him, it’s hard with him if he launches a series of attacks, for example. And so the character is high-calorie, a lot of attacks, especially on the ground three waves, I got used to them for a long time, I most likely died more often due to absurdity or glitches of the game + parkour :melting_face:

5 tries but after that haven’t lost to it since my struggle was getting to boss the dungeon would kill me in the most random ways. My one problem with the boss is the rewards for such an annoying slog to get to rewards are terrible 3 out of 5 times

Ashamed to say this…but my track record is spotty against that b@stard.
Bow build give me a 70 % chance of beating him
Dagger builds 1 in 10
Scythe…yet to beat him

My patience wears thin and I try to sneak in an extra hit and he CC’s me

12 times a loss, few wins since.with a Claymore build, I did much better when I got plate armor under a normal movement load.
I used Blink for manoeuvres and chipped away slowly as I can’t unleash 3 attack chains but moreso one at a time.
It took about 10mins to dodge and chip away his 2 stages of health.

Felt so good, the first and second time I got to phase 2 barely, and once familiar it was about making less mistakes, or being less aggressive and being patient.

I am not that good at these hard hitting games, but the game is worth it, also Inspired from fellow members videos to keep trying.

Good to see people are still trying. :smiley:
After my first win I haven’t tried any more attempts to defeat him and played my alts instead.
Maybe in a few weeks it will feel fresh enough again to try it.

You must roll at the right moment, just as the sword hits the ground, three times

It took too many tries, I almost gave up the game. but I got some armor and a weapon that returned hit points and I finally did it. He does too much damage with his attacks and punishes misses too much.

Took me about 7 times I think. Once I got blink, upgraded all my armor to T3 and used cold for stagger the fight became a lot more manageable. Later I found a ring with health gain on dmg and it made the fight a total joke. I stopped using the ring it was soo broken! lol

Now that I know the fight and am more comfortable with the upgrade systems my 3 alts all did very well. My last alt, a faith/int build, got it’s first kill at lvl 23. Could’ve done it at 21 had I focused on it.