Here's my feedback

I love the game and I think the art is amazing. However, I have a few issues which I’ll list by importance:

High priority:

-Performance: FPS drops and choking with the LOWEST graphics preset!! (Geforce 2080 super/Core i7-9700k) I run most modern games with 90+ FPS with mid-high graphics.

-Inventory management: Game punishes early exploration with limited inventory. I love collecting mats and crafting but I have to make unnecessary decisions like destroying mats or making many trips to city to dumb mats which gets tedious.

-Building upgrades: required mats are too high and it gets too grindy (I literally have to travel back and fourth many times to farm for 1 upgrade)

-Durability: I just hate it… Sometimes it’s good to have goldsinks but this is the worst form of goldsinks (I waste both time by traveling and currency to fix gear AND gathering tools)

Low priority:

-Gear upgrades are too slow and grindy: I know some people like it but I would prefer if it’s more of an ARPG where you get more loot out of chests or killing elites + bosses since it’s RNG.

-More character models: I don’t like the body shape of my character… it’s weird and doesn’t look cool EVEN if it’s got to do with the game lore or style.

Lastly, I would never waste my valuable time logging into a forum to leave feedback if I didn’t think there was potential in the game. Thank you!

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