Game idle animation and some suggestions

Hey there! I’m Ayhan and I was watching your game No Rest For The Wicked. I love it already. I wanted to share an idea about the game. I saw that when you open up your inventory, you can see your character idle animation. I think the character movement of, a bit of fast and doesnt match with the game aesthetic. Cause the game is a bit cruel but moving that fast, create a light mood for the world. Like the character doesnt care about his/her life. Maybe you can apply the same idea for the character movement in game. Developers said that when you wear a light armor you can dash, medium armor to roll and heavy armor to move slowly, like three different effects to give the player more immersive world. So i think you can apply to this with the inventory idle character movement aswell. Like if you wear light armor your idle movement a bit faster breath, medium armor a little bit slower and heavy to breath even slower. So when a player opens up inventory, can see his/her characters movement based on what armor the characters wearing, and the player feel its impact, can feel his/her characters breath in that world like the world a little bit more real for the character.

Another thing for the game is that; in early access there is gonna be a house with garden aswell so we can plant and harvest vegetables and such. So i was wondering if we can have a pet for that house like a cat or dog or a baby dragon? It will be nice if a pet waiting for us in the house and when we take care with garden, it can walk around us. And ofcourse we can give it a name and such.

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