Game freezing at random intervals when playing with Controller

Playing on WIn10 with an Xbox Wiieless Adapter for WIn10 and an Xbox one controller. Also tried playing with the controller connected with a usbc to usb cord.

Game would work fine until randomly the screen turns black or tries to minimize the game on its own and freezes. This only happens when playing with controller. Using steam controller input settings made no difference.

I experienced this same issue with Halo Infinite on its release where the game would randomly minimize itself when playing with a controller. Eventually 343 released a path that fixed it.

I have no issues playing other game with controllers and while No Rest For The wicked can be played with mouse and keyboard there are instances where a controller just works much better, like balancing on narrow paths or need to move in direction that isn’t a 45deg angle. Also experienced instances where attacking an enemy would fail as my mouse was in the opposite direction and the character would swing in the direction of the mouse instead of the target.

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