Game stops recognizing controller after disconnection

My xbox controller sometimes loses connection (the xbox button flashes and after a second is re-connected - this is not unique to this game only it happens al the time.)
I am able to play the game normally with the controller, but after the controller momentarily disconnect it doesn’t respond anymore. the controller works, for example in steam big picture mode.

files and logs: No Rest For The Wicked - Google Drive

Thanks, hope you can get this fixed, I really like the game (bugs and technical troubles aside)


Controller not connected at launch or controller disconnects after launch (after long pause, usually) = controller no longer responds and you have to use keyboard/mouse to exit to desktop

Using Xbox controller on WIn11 PC

Same problem. When I go to the toilet or look after my kids when they need something at night, the controller is disconnected when i come back and the only solution is to quit to desktop and start the game again. I use the XBox Series X controller via bluetooth connection (Windows 10).