Controller issues 2

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Hi. I have the same kind of issues. I’m using a Xbox Wireless Carbon Black controller. I just bought it, never use a controller on PC before, but this game is pretty good and the mouse & keyboard original mapping is aweful. So, I bought a controller.

Most of the time, everything is fine, but then, the X button (power with a light in) start to flash, and controller disconnect. Whatever i’m doing. While in combat, my character stop moving, I try to switch to keyboard and not get killed. Even worst when the running direction stay on, controller get disconnected and my character run automatically into a hole, or directly into the boss weapon swing.

I’m new at the Souls like game, the difficulty level is good, I don’t complain. But getting killed with a controller disconnection is really frustrating.

I wrote about it to Private Division Support, they redirected me here.

Can the community help me setting this up ? Or, help me send my issues to the right channel/site/game support forum ?