Controller issues

From day one i experienced issues with the controller. right now the worst offenders are:

  • dpad-up not working (food heal) as when i t doesn’t register, you’re probably dead because of this (REFUND REQUESTINGLY INFURITAING)
  • pressing left stick pressing left right in the menu selecting items, when pressing right on the motion of the stick back to center it gets registered as a left instead neutralizing the right move, which often times results in an unwanted sale, move to stash, enchant or otherwise. (just annyoing)
  • cancelling out of the menu and holding a movement in any direction doesn’t get registered as a move before the menu gets fully left doesn’t register as well, you can move any other direction but not the one you had in the menu. (slightly annoying, probably need to check for controller state when moving out of menu, that could be all)
  • random dodges while running, i don’t know what creates this, maybe controller state diffs are just weird and janky? (kinda weird, kinda funny, could go together with the random dodges from next point.
  • inputs sometimes also feel buffered for too long, maybe you could introduce an input buffer that only reigstered the input from the last x.x seconds, especially with heavy weapons this can be an issue, also because it feels random most of the time, sometimes it being dodges that appear randomly

What controller are you using? I’m playing on X1 controller and had none of the issues you listed.

Xbox Lunar Shift Special Edition, and i have the same issue, cabled and wireless, on desktop and laptop.
So your saying it’s Microsoft’s fault again? (i could go with that haha)

Do you have any other controller to test it by any chance? I played on PC with X1 pad, on steam deck directly and streaming from PC to deck and the only issue I ever encountered was A button sometimes reading 2x presses instead of intended 1 (sold a few items by mistake this way), happened both on deck and PC with X1.
So it does sound like Microsoft’s fault.
You can also try using reWASD app, helped me more than a few times already when games read controller incorrectly or don’t recognize it at all.

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so i actually got Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core Edition just to test it ( and this thing looks so cool, i’m definitely not returning it, link in the description :wink: )
But it’s just the same :frowning:

I also have problem with Xbox usb-c controller which I bought this April.
Sometimes, D-pad not working when I want to heal. And also “A” button when I want to apply for quests. Tried with wired and wireless connection.
Win 11 64bit.

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Yep, exactly, I also got win11 x64

Vote for it guys, up top next to the title :wink:

Same issue here for me. Something I added in another post around this was also that there sometimes is some input drop when wanting to use runes. It will register RB / LB but not always the additional input for the specific rune.

The issues persist even when moving DPAD-UP or the RB/LB to backpedals/back-buttons so it doesn’t seem to be something “mechanical” with the controller.

I’m using a Gamesir T4K gamepad (just bought), no issues in other games, gamepad tester also doesn’t show any issues with the controller itself on multiple tests.

Same d-pad issue here, with my PS5 Dual sense connected via c-usb.
I thought it was just me. Had to stop and mash the button a few times to heal.

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I use just a normal Xbox Core controller (or whatever they are calling them now), only problems I have are in the menus for bounties. The (A) isn’t registering when I use it like 50% of the time. Which leads me to smashing (A) a hundred times and accepting and abruptly canceling quests on accident lol.


Oh yea, I forgot to mention that. I have the same issue there as well. Not only when trying to accept a bounty of challenge, but also when completing it.


This is still happening in the latest patch but not all the time. I only have Xbox controllers - 2 normal and 1 elite - it happens with all of them.

I think this happens because D-pad up was held for slightly too long, which opens up the food/quick item menu. This menu is a bit too sensitive for my liking. I’d be interested in how long it takes to activate this menu.
I’ve also missed dodges because my character started sprinting instead. One of the issues with binding multiple action to a single button.


Agree with your message, yesterday after one of my test I saw a fast chage in the screen and I discover that.

Maybe the timming is really short because when I did the test out of combat, I didn’t press the button too long and this didn’t work after 3-4 times.

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