Post update controller not working and GPU issues

I was playing the game just fine (except for a few frame drops here and there) before the latest update. After this update the game no longer recognizes my USB controller and the GPU (30170 ti) is running near 100%. The frames are worse and my controller no longer works in game. It works just fine out of the game and on other games. No settings have been changed from when I was able to play pre-update so I don’t even know where I would start to fix this issue with the controller. Can I get some assistance with this issue or a way to revert the game to before the latest update?

I’ve found a fix for the controller. I was reading through other controller issues and a saw that turning off the rumble for the controller was a fix so i just went through the menu messing with different things. After the update it was force loading the game in “Full Screen Exclusive” and switching from that forced the game to reset. This helped it register the controller. Now every time I start the game I have to go into the settings and switch it from “Full Screen Exclusive”. Afterwards I can switch it back or leave it on whatever setting and the controller works fine.