If you turn on the gamepad after the game starts, it doesn't work

When I turn on the (Xbox) gamepad after the game starts, the gamepad doesn’t work.

The gamepad is only functional if I turn it on before the game starts.


I don’t know if this is a problem that the developers can solve or if this is a bigger issue on Windows or Steam in general. I have this problem too and No Rest for the Wicked is not the only game that has this problem. So my guess is that it’s a bigger issue than just this game :wink:.

It’s not a problem with Steam or Windows. The controllers connect automatically with any other game that I have played with a controller in recent years. I found out because I got up from my computer and in a few minutes my controller went to sleep. When I got back I didn’t even know how to exit the game because I never played it with a keyboard and ESC key has no option to exit. I had to search on the internet how to exit because I didn’t want to ALT+F4. I read about people losing items or progress on ALT+F4 sometimes.

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I’ve had the same issue. Also, if I exit to the main menu and disconnect my controller, my keyboard/mouse doesn’t work.

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I don’t have this problem for nrftw but I have it for Elden ring. Feels like a Steam problem to me, but I don’t have hard evidence of that

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Elden Ring works just fine for me on Steam. I can list you about 20 other games that have no problem on steam, Dragon’s Dogma 2, even Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen works fine. This is the only game in the past years that has controller compatibility for me that has this problem.

Oh. by the way, I have evidence of being this game because other games do detect the controller automatically on recconect. If I disconnect and reconnect the controller, the game remains connected to the keyboard and mouse, if I alt+tab to steam the controller works inside of steam normally. When I get back to the game, the controller is not present.

I also can easily reproduce this on my second laptop and inside GeForce Now.

Maybe on a stand-alone version does not have this problem and the steam version of the game has it ?