Feedback, Quality of Life, Concepts, Ideas, & Question(s) - My feedback after 73 hours thus far

General Feedback

  • Currently testing weapons you enjoy is way too arduous or might take too long to be able to do, making new characters just to do this before you waste points on your main character is not good either, experimenting with weapons you might not even like. Many rings need to be more individualized, and many runes need buffs
  • Plague Ichor rewards are somewhat underwhelming in themselves and starting a new character doesn’t feel as rewarding as it should be, as it removes those bonuses again and leaves you feeling with no real sense of successive progression as much - Only causing players to struggle again with issues they felt they had before without the ichor bonuses, as a new player. What rewards you can get ichor could definitely be reworked to be more rewarding.
    • Account-wide unlocks for consecutive characters

Quality-of-Life & UI

  • Let players equip weapons they do not meet requirements for so that we may test their movesets, but their stats are cut in 1/5th or more - and is only to let players see what weapon they want to go for before speccing into their required attributes
    • Experimenting with weapons you may not like the moveset for is too much a punishment with restricting weapons to stat requirements to even wield, at least just cut their stats and damage in 1/5th or more if they don’t meet them.
  • When fast traveling to Sacrament from whispers, should be able to do ‘House’ if player has purchased a settlement, and which home if you’ve purchased multiple.
  • Setting to change NPC dialogue frequency when approached. Normal (Current) to Less as a second option. Currently, they play like every time you run past them. Quickly, it gets very old.
  • Singular major fast travel points in each following major zones either at the beginning of each of them or somewhere in the middle of them, the alive system is very cool but also very simple right now. Running through zones when you’re 40-80+ hours in only begins to feel tedious when you’ve encountered all ALIVE variants of an area.
  • Ability to reroll affixes on gear and individually upgrade their bonus %
    • The ability to upgrade affixes % could be a rare unique material drop, and would require Eleanor level 3 to be able to unlock the feature for.
  • Ability to un-socket gems from gear, instead destroying the socketed gem rather than having to find a new piece of gear entirely to retry with. Could cost silver or other materials
  • Allow us to ‘Favorite’ gear, indicated by a star or some sort if icon on an items box so that lock these items from being able to be sold, deleted, or stored automatically when storing similar into chests.
  • Ability to skip bloodletting animation for Cerim Crucible fallen ember sacrifice
  • Ability to see time before shops & bounty/challenges refresh
  • Return to Menu inside of full-scale menu settings menu, rather than just the lined up interface when you press TAB for example
  • Refight boss mechanic, boss gauntlet endgame system perchance
    • Otherwise, guaranteed unique drop from each boss one time per character, since making a new realm to do 1 boss that might be incredibly far into the story might be a little too troublesome for 95% of players currently
  • Item Stack sizes for miscellaneous materials such as Fallen Embers & Weapon/Armor Shards could feasibly be doubled up to 50, or even up to 99
  • Fallen Embers could be turned into a ‘currency’ indicated by an icon in the inventory like gold is, rather than an actual item that sits in chests/inventories. This is to prevent oblivious players & people from selling/deleting as they are crucial to endgame activities.


  • Buff Scream boss poise, as it isn’t very useful on bosses at all
  • Provide Willow Cap ring additional bonus (3-5% focus gain?)
  • Individualize the bonuses and identity of each ring such as Stone Tusk Ring and many other rings.
  • Provide Stone Tusk Ring with poise resistance
    • This is because currently, Fierce Ring does the exact same thing as Stone Tusk ring but better. As it provides bonus damage as well, and this would make Stone Tusk better as a defensive option.
  • Remove Armor Increase % from Fierce Ring so that Stone Tusk ring has more identity as the tank ring
  • Remove Reduced Attack Stamina Cost % Attack Speed % from Agility Ring & merge these into Fierce Ring so that it’s purely offensive
  • Cursed gear affix rolls should not be able to be matched/paired redundantly
    • Example such such as rolling Item Weight decreased % & negative effect Item Weight Increased % together
  • Nerf ‘reduced healing effectiveness %’ on cursed affixes being able to go up to values like -49%, of which is way too high for an already very undesirable trait
  • Buff ‘Focus regeneration’ affix, as it is way too slow
  • Cut processing times for materials at crafting stations in half, as players waiting to create materials to upgrade high level gear to overcome challenges/obstacles, tend to stall time and stop trying what they’re struggling on a lot to wait for these to finish so they can upgrade their gear. It doesn’t feed so well into any gameplay loop and usually isn’t meaningful enough to feel rewarded for, just tedious and time consuming
  • Remove weight load increased & decreased item affixes, instead, adjust all item weight values so that they’re not built so high around the idea of players being dependent on affixes to lessen them up, making players who invest into equip load feel it’s worth more. Allowing players to take & invest better character-related bonus affixes that feel like they matter more.
    • Currently many players do not want or feel it is worth it to invest highly into this, as much as it does to instead just sacrifice many affixes and gem slots for weight reduction & feather gem. It tends to be ‘rock no armor’ or run the heaviest armor and fat roll. You must be quite naked for quite some time at the start, and even trying to wear any armor at all, even Cloth. Armor is not as impactful as it should feel by if you’re not running Plate anyways, dedicating 1/4th your attribute points that give so little per point because weights are so high in conjecture to the idea of being affix dependent to reduce it marginally isn’t much fun. The worst part is for new players, and is a big gripe I see with having to waste so much on equip load instead of any actual fun stats.
    • Once MANY, many new affixes are added this will become even more prevalent
  • Remove bloat affix ‘Durability Increased’, as items are so incredibly cheap to repair now, and durability goes down so little per death. This one means nothing anymore - Negative affix ‘Durability halved’ is fine where it’s at right now, and can stay.


  • Change the cursed affix for ‘Lose gold on death’ to just ‘Lose % of coins death’ which seems to be about 10% currently, so that it is much less misleading
  • Clarify ‘overall speed %’ affix from movement speed by changing it to ‘all action speed’
  • Move ‘Will’ into a comfier spot away from Fillmore at all levels of the forgery, especially at different levels
    • While everything at the Smithery changes, he is static. It’s weird!
  • Move Fillmore & Anvil slightly further from furnace at Smithy level 2

Tutorial Changes, Additional Suggestions & Concepts

  • Make Plague Ichor related bonuses permanent & across new characters account-wide. Instead, killing a story boss you have already killed such as Warrick on another character, will no longer drop you an additional Plague Ichor.
    • With these changes, you could also give Ichor more uses. Such as making it require x1-x2 Ichor as a part of respec so it’s more useful outside of one-off bonuses, and Echo Knight can stay the only boss (besides Bounty Bosses etc) that can drop Plague Ichor each kill to make him worth more to do.
    • This makes making a new character much more fun, less unfun, & more rewarding. As you’re not spending hours regrinding the same bonuses as much of which 95% of it is quality of life changes that make early game suck and that’s it
  • Tutorial includes the fact that you can hold d-pad or hold buttons such as Q & F to swap between multiple consumables and could provide you with 2 weapon slots temporarily to tell people the keybind to swap between their weapons (Z for keyboard for example)
  • Change shops such as Grinnich from refreshing daily realtime, to ingame time (could still be limited to every 4 hours realtime) so that players who need materials currently; (such as bear paws) aren’t waiting as long to be able to buy some, since bears don’t exist for example and finding the paw may be hard. (This goes for recipes and other items)


  • Will transmogrification exist? This seems to be a very requested feature, and I myself am both very curious, and very anxious to know. No Rest for Fashion must exist!
    • Could exist as endgame reward, getting transmog orbs to turn gear into cosmetic for other gear, dropped guaranteed per time from Echo Knight for example

i agree with most things,

for the first suggestion in QoL they should add like a training room where you can try any weapon you want and hit a training dummo to see it’s damage.

the room should also give unlimited focus so you can try rune attacks aswell.

for the TP to home they should add a furniture that allows that, gives more use to the furnite merchant.


The only thing is, most weapons do the same damage - It’s only their movesets and feeling you want to test for, all weapons of each weapon type matches up pretty similarly in base damage when fully upgraded because of how the tier system works. I know I invested into a weapon only to realize the Mattock or whatever its called has a really crappy moveset

In one part of the city there’s an npc and a training dummy. You can’t actually interact with. I’m wondering if future content updates will flesh out this section of sacrament.


We know it certainly will, with Breach (update 2) it is very likely. It does suck we cannot use that area to equip weapons we want to test, but hopefully soon. I assume the little circle area there will be the pvp spot for friends to mess in though

I believe this covers a lot of what I’ve experienced as well and would like changed. There isn’t much left after this post so this is pretty comprehensive!

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