Main Gripes, Feedback/QoL Suggestions, Balance, & Question(s) (Post Patch1)

In the first 24 hours of launch I have hit level 17, and am still grinding away. I’ve hit Cerim Arena, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far - But I have many unanswered questions as we’ve seen no info from the team yet, as well as feedback!

General Feedback

  • Limiting inventory slots is much less rewarding to unlock for Ichor upgrades as compared to additional stat bonus related things or equipment, such as ring slots. What rewards you can get ichor could definitely be reworked, and likely could be passives tied to the character
    • If this is not adjusted too much, instead, merging crafting material slot increase with consumables might make it a little more rewarding.
  • Captain Randolphs bounties & challenges should likely be adjusted to refresh via ingame days over real time, as it can slog down what you can actually do for questing around the world post current story.

Quality-of-Life Suggestions

  • Be able to see time before bounty/challenge refresh
  • Item Stack sizes for miscellaneous materials such as Fallen Embers & Weapon/Armor Shards could feasibly be doubled to around 40 or even up to 99


  • In general, enemies with quick successive combos such as the parasite infected bloated corpses and pestilence wolf variants quick stab attack are too op
  • The pestilence affected wolf variants are ESPECIALLY way too strong
  • Reduced healing effectiveness on purple cursed armor being able to go up to values like -49% is way too high

Suggestions & Concepts

  • Ability to reroll affixes on gear and individually upgrade their bonuses %


  • Will transmogrification exist? This seems to be a very requested feature, and I myself am both very curious, and very anxious to know. No Rest for Fashion must exist!