70 hour feedback

I’ll start by saying I absolutely adore this game and what the devs set out to do. My gaming is mostly in 3 genres. Arpgs a la Diablo, soulslikes, and fighting games. I have roughly 10,000 (tracked at least) hours among a smattering of arpgs but mostly PoE and the Diablo series. Soulslikes are a newer venture with much less time but I have a lot of love for what the games set out to do and the sense of accomplishment you gain while getting better which is very similar to getting better in fighting games. And finally fighting games with dozens of thousands of hours played among all sorts of fighting games. All 3 of these genres being apart of initial press releases about this game got me to try it and I love it. I have something like 6 characters of different stat spreads I’ve played through and I have some suggestions of some things that I think would complement the game without changing how I perceive the games vision.


  • Try before you buy (coming, yay!)
  • More offhands.
  • Different weighting on certain weapon stats.
  • Ex: health gain on hit. If we want to keep it be hp % based it could be 50% effectiveness for dual daggers, 100% effectiveness for 1h, and 200% effectiveness for 2h. So dual daggers need to do 4 attacks to mimic the same health gain as a single bonk from a 2h.


  • Add unique armors.
  • Additional perks for different armor types.
  • Ex: cloth reduces rune cost. Leather dodges cost less stamina. Plate gives shoulder bash regardless of weight class. Etc
  • This would allow more incentive than weight class for choosing armor types. Potentially someone could do a heavy load for shoulder bash while wearing cloth/leather for whatever perk those armor classes would provide leading to more customization and uniqueness of each build.


  • Random stats instead of curated like uniques.
  • Maybe treat these like off hands with less possible stats to roll or a completely different stat pool.
  • Allow them to drop with kiss/curse
  • Turn current rings with curated stats to uniques like how weapons are handled.
  • Have infusable white rings with no stats and just open slots to be socketed or enchant to lose all or all but 1 slot like other gear.


  • additional perks for stat investment
  • Maybe per point or at certain point thresholds.
  • Ex: 1% hp regen per 10 points of hp or .1% per 1 hp point.

Rune skills

  • Minimum stat requirements to add some stat diversity and have unique builds with more stat spread. (Rune dmg can scale off of weapon stats like currently)
  • Ex: Blink having a minimum of 20 int so that there is some opportunity cost instead of all builds running the best or most efficient movement skill with no thought or cost.
  • Maybe have some damage/focus scaling based on weapon type.
  • Ex: weapon throw skills in 2h are super strong and cheap. Maybe make them do scales damage or have higher focus cost. I’d lean more on focus cost in order to keep the powerful feeling of rune skills.
  • Skill preview & description.


  • Balance and fix current stats
  • Additional affixes
  • Additional curses
    *I love the simplicity/effectiveness of the affixes in the game, but I think there are just too few atm (I’m sure there’s more that just are not included in EA).


  • Allow us to enchant tools to get affixes and kiss/curse
  • Ex: shovel is more likely to dig up gems, but has less durability.


  • Should be an option, maybe shouldn’t be something we can do on a whim.
  • Needs to be something we work towards because we messed up badly or want to min/max vs I want to try this build and if I don’t like it I’ll swap back/to something else.
  • Maybe have some sort of incentive to play a new character on a realm like ichor passives transferring so you don’t have to refarm those.


  • Could be used for sacrament upgrading instead of unlocking character item slots.
  • Item slots being unlocked using ichor feels weird. Having them tied to character level feels more natural than farming ichors atm.


  • Housing storage should get deeper as you upgrade to prevent a house filled with 1000 chests.
  • Community storage accessible in each house.
  • Favorite items to prevent selling
  • Lots more tooltips
  • TP option to crucible and house if not everywhere.
  • Stamina bar underneath HP and focus would be amazing.

These are just some initial thoughts and suggestions that I believe increase replayability and qol without impacting the vision of the game itself.

Ya I think runes need to be tweaked a bit I did a thread about this. it’s just kinda been bugging me especially the fact that I think faith kinda has no identity right now as a stat. My biggest issue with the game right now tbh

And also I want more areas to explore hahahah but I’m sure that’s coming

The Game is too short, please make the map as big as elden ring map and also add the ability to reset attribute points which goes to level 30.

this is a fantastic game that has huge potential to be one of the best if efforts continue to expand the map and add numerous quests, adventures, enemies and environments.

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as for the endurance bar under life, I agree, because during combat and just when she is next to the character, you have to look closely, which is not very convenient when calculating an attack or dodge.

I very much like this one.

It will be much larger when it comes out of early access.

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The game isn’t even close to finished…

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They intend to more with offhands in the future thankfully.

I think I’m more in favor of removing this entirely. If we are to receive healing outside of consumables, I prefer there more be action on the player’s part.

Not quite what you’re looking for but Thomas did say they’ve discussed armor set bonuses. I wouldn’t mind some Enchantments being limited to specific armor classes. It could aid in balancing further as well.

I’m going to have to say no to this one. It gets in the way of the “build-your-own-class” fantasy that Moon is visualizing.


Coming as well. Potentially using Fallen Embers but nothing in stone.

Thomas has said they have more uses in mind for Plague Ichor. Personally, I’m a fan of a system suggested by @RomoloHero.

D&D Feat Style System To Replace the Current Ichor Inventory Expansion System