Feedback from 2 hours of gameplay (I have played more since, but this is what I wrote beforehand)

  • Maybe increase the ambient sounds volume or add some ambient music to more areas? Some areas, especially the cave felt pretty dead without those things.
  • Enemy placement in tight areas can be quite irritating, I ended up finding myself leading enemies into larger areas in which I could actually fight them.
  • Making the player silhouette more visible would be helpful, it being blue whilst starting out in a blue area isn’t that fun.
  • According to the age rating there are instances of nudity? I haven’t seen any thus far, but a toggle would still be appreciated if there are.

I think that it’s important to add that I’m still having a lot of fun, I’m at 6.8 hours now and I’m currently in the sewer area. I had a bit of a hard time finding the handle but apart from that it’s been very enjoyable!