Endurance gauntlets (e.g. Crucible) don't work if you can bring hundreds of healing items

Endurance gauntlets (e.g. Crucible) don’t work if you can bring hundreds of healing items. The only thing that does, is either extend the item grinding time, or encourage players to swap to a backup save whenever they die in the Crucible.

Breath of the Wild is a similar game with an endurance gauntlet. But the player wasn’t allowed to carry items into that endurance gauntlet, and instead had to pick up materials inside the gauntlet itself.

And the Crucible requiring a somewhat rare consumable key each time you want to use it, also just encourages players to swap to a backup save when they die. At least with the healing items, those materials are all over the place, so a player could justify the item grind by constant progress of finding the materials. But with the embers, it’s “If I want to play crucible 5 more times, then it’s ??? minutes or ??? hours to farm the embers?”

Embers are very often in chests. I have over 80 by just farming the levels.

Now to how to beat the Crucible without farming mats.

You have to easy options:

  • Channeling & Healing Aura Rune into a offhand
  • Heal by damage 2% is enough to get trough the areas without using tones of heal items, if you got more, it’s free. (heal efficienty helps also)

Bonus Tip if you playing 2 handed weapons, use a axe and you get rarely interrupted by hits and can easily regain health.

You’ve got it all wrong here actually. The Crucible is a glorified boss run to the hardest boss in the game in order to get Legendaries. The gauntlet itself right now is just a solid XP spot as most enemies are Elites and it’s none stop combat. Once you have a decent build, the Crucible room show no threat and do not require healing items’ However, the boss dealing 40-70% of your HP per hit kinda justifies the healing items.
Most people run the dungeon just for the boss, and using Alt-F4 on death to just retry the fight when they die, which you will, many times.

Except you know the fight :joy:
No need to reset if you kill him anyway, but he always eats a couple of healing items. But nothing you can’t buy back from the level 3 cooking vendor.