How to complete crucible quest

Can someone explain to me how crucible quest supposed to work? I go in, clear a few rooms of monsters and then I die because I run of healing items. How many rooms do I need to clear for this quest? Are there any bosses in there or just normal monsters?

6 or 7 Rooms, then you fight the Big Boy.

If you want a Tip:

  • Level 1 weapon, buy channeling and heal rune, then you could get HP for free forever (But cost time). Right now you cant place this runes on level 2 weapons but once placed, you can upgrade the weapon.
  • Check the Gems. They give you different effects on different equipment

Should be easy then, you can also try range for the Witches.

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Hm, I tried adding runes to the stuff, but I spend more HP on channel than I can heal after with heal. How does that supposed to work?

Use the heal aura rune. The other heal is utter garbage.

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Correct, i meant the heal aura. It‘s possible that heal efficiency takes a part in being able to heal more.
But i didn’t test it.