Crucible help, am I too low level?

Souls veteran here, I found the base game to be 5/10 in terms of difficulty. Currently Lv17, armor of 373 (full sacrament guardian) and all my weapons and armor are upgraded to T2 (haven’t seen bear claws or silver ingots yet). I don’t really have a focused build yet, just stuff that I’ve gathered during the main quest, and the legendary Great sword. Combat thus far has been great, I parry most things, dodge roll most things, its not bad,

The crucible thus far is BOGUS. The shield knights are parry or die. Enemy density is tighter than anything introduced thus far, the knights all have insane gap closers, I have 90 health and each hit is 23 damage gone.

How are you all clearing this nonsense? I’ve got no money since I bought a house so I can store all my stuff from the abysmal inventory system. I feel like the only thing I have left to find better gear and such IS the crucible, Is it a skill issue? You wont hurt my feelings, but I’m barely able to clear the first two rooms without getting absolutely clobbered.

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I think partially it’s skill, but a lot of it has to do with gear. If you don’t have great gear and a higher level, you pretty much need to play perfectly in the crucible. On all 6-7 levels.

I got my character to level 30 and started backstabbing every enemy I could roll behind, isolating enemies when possible, but even then the boss all the way at the bottom is still insanely tough. The boss alone took me about 10 tries. By the 10th time you reach the boss, you’ve pretty much mastered the rest of the crucible, but it’s insanely frustrating since you will die to the boss while trying to learn its moves

I would say you are under leveled. I beat it at lvl30 could have beaten it before too ofc but 17 is under leveled I would say(it can be done with sheer skill most likely).

Your way under levelled.

Your best bet is either to run bounties until lvl 21. Or do crucible and clear like 1-3 rooms which still gives food xp and then die.

The biggest problem is your HP right now, you can outplay the density easily with level 3 gear but with your level, your hp is to low to get some hits into you and just eat it and fight back.

But after doing this run over 30 times. I am sure I can do it with your character.

So it’s skill kind of, but not really.

I had the same issue when I first started the crucible. Other than armor, it is also important that you hit hard. Do fully upgrade your main weapon so that it minimizes your chance to make mistakes. Silver ingot will be available at lvl3 smith, and bear paw will drop in random chest in crucile. Just farm Crucile to get xp and materials untill you get enough stat points.

One more thing, I suggest putting some stat in weight load since it will allow you to wear way sturdier armors (to fight echo knight, at least 600 armor is needed if you dont want to die instantly).