Enchantment Only Provides Cursed Items For Common

I am not sure what I am missing. I take a common item to Eleanor and have her enchant it. I have done this more than 6 times and only received a cursed item in return. ONLY cursed.

It feels like the table is wrong in my Realm maybe? Does the chance improve if you upgrade the shop? (I am in the process of upgrading her shop but that priority got a lot lower since receiving nothing but cursed items)

Any tips for not getting a cursed item? What am I missing?

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It is just RNG. This whole cursed system is really bad and should be removed. We already pay for it by having 2 rune slots gone if we enchant… I stopped enchanting items altogether as it just feels bad and the items are useless with these negative effects.

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Honestly I find the gear enchantment to cursed ones very irritating and just a bad concept. I enchanted the Cerim Armor without knowing it’s RNG and it turned all, except the helmet, into cursed with horrible negative effects, rendering them useless. At least let me reroll or something. I’d rather start a new character, if they’d let you redeem it again, I really like the way it looks, and there is no transmog either, which would’ve been way cooler.


@Krow sorry for your wasted armor pieces

But for me cursed items gave a best items I could have, and it’s good to get
powerful affixes with a price.

However I think, most people would like to just enchant item, not cursing it, there for instead removing system completely, split it, let player make a choice to enchant or to curse items.

This won’t render items useless, until player is actually willing to risk the item


Agreed, either that or a reroll so I can reroll my cursed Cerim armor :sob:

Let’s hope devs will find this :pray: