Enchanting giving cursed items feels bad

I enchanted a few items today and the chance to get cursed items from that feels really bad.

One enchanted cursed item caused me to lose all stamina if I got hit by an enemy. All stamina.

Another caused me to lose somthing like 50 copper if I died. Incredibly harsh.

I most two decent commons. Not that I just got bad enchants which would be fine. Those items became literally unusable and I had to sell them. Nothing about that this fun or engaging.

Enchanting should not give cursed items.


I personally like the cursed items, as they have a drawback, but are usually very powerful. I think it’s always great when games give you a tradeoff option, a powerful boon that requires you to adjust your playstyle.

Maybe it’d be best if we had more agency when enchanting though. That way we could target the rarity of item we want. Just as long as we could still craft cursed items as well.


I’m fine with cursed items in general, just not from enchanting. It’s just a feels bad moment when you take a decent common item and it gets completely ruined with an unmanageable curse.

Losing all stamina when you get hit once is a death sentence.


I am level 19 and all purple I have found have been completely useless because of way too extreme curses. Ended up selling all of them.
I enchanted an armor I was happy with and ended up getting over encumbered because it gave me 38% increased weight as a curse making it completely useless…


I get what the developers were going for with wanting us to weigh the pros and cons of equipping certain items, but the implementation is a bit too straight forward and harsh. The negative affixes on cursed items seem to all be way too punishing. Some of the ones I’ve seen include, lose money on death, lose stamina on hit, decrease max equip load, lose exp on death, reduce max health. And these aren’t little minor inconveniences. As the OP said, the stamina one causes you to lose your entire stamina bar. The reduced HP ones I’ve found have been as high as a 35-40% reduction in max hp. That’s HUGE in a game like this.


I like the enchanting philosophy in principle, maybe they should just tone down some of the incredibly harsh maluses of the cursed items. Some of my best items are cursed (purple).

Has anyone ever enchanted an item and had the unique rarity? (legendary)

And I think all we get in exchange for a massive negative stat is one extra normal positive stat.

The negatives should be a consideration in using the item, not the one true deciding factor for whether the item is remotely usable or vendor trash.

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I have enchanted multiple (6+) items and have only ever received cursed items. Maybe the chance for better enchantment comes with improving the shop? Not quite there with the improved shop yet so I can’t test it.

I’m not sure if I just have really bad RNG luck, but I seem to only get cursed items from enchanting. Every one I’ve gotten has had a curse so bad it seemed unusable.

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Me too. Always to the point that I refuse to enchant anything.

Same. Stopped enchanting items altogether as 9/10 times I get a cursed item that is just useless. Especially the one that reduces stamina on taking damage. It’s unplayable. I am 26h in, and I am still using dual daggers I found at like level 3 early game. lol Just upgrading it whenever I get mats for it.

Haven’t added any extra runes to the daggers either as this focus system seems very bad. Feels like you get 0 focus regen per second, and then you gain some by doing melee combat but it doesn’t seem to be viable to play a mage or a priest kind of a character as you probably would spend most of the time doing melee combat anyway,

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The issue for focus, at least for me, is that I spawn without any, which I think is intended.

You only generate focus by attacking and a few other actions.

It would be great if you could spawn with a certain base focus so you could do things like shoot a single arrow from a bow or a minor spell from a staff. Or make those NOT cost focus would be better.

I get that they want you to engage in melee to get the focus back so you don’t just kite enemies waiting for it to refill. But as you noted, the way it is now it makes certain playstyles - ranged specifically - something you just don’t want to do.

Not to mention that the bow damage is so low as to be meaningless.

There are these focus potions you can buy/craft. They are pretty cheap so I guess playing as a mage/priest means having like 20-30 of those + lots of healing food for the channel rune. My second character, I will try making a mage and see how it is supposed to play. But it is going to be weird if you still have to do majority of the combat in melee range as a mage/priest.

100% Agree. Cursed items seem so weird now. I’ve seen better “magic” items with no downside, than purple items with something like -30% max health.

Cursed items should be more powerful than unique items as they have no downside, as it stands they can sometimes be okay, but most of the time they are worse than just commons.


I never use cursed items. But I have a rather successful enchant rating when buying say two helmets from Fillmore the smithy and enchanting that. One of the two items very often turns into rares, if not the other one is for backup. So now I got more or less a full set of rares on me.

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The negatives you can be affixed with are WAY too extreme. Theres been so many times where I’d sell a weapon for such a terrible curse effect, BUT there’s never been a time I kept a weapon for having such an extreme positive combination of buffs.

This is the issue.

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The balance between get a cursed and a item without negatives is not good balanced. thats all what i could complaint about it.

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