Runes and enchantments

The runes don’t have any descriptions and it isn’t clear what many of them do. It would be nice if they explained their function rather than having to try them all out to find out. Even when trying them out it isn’t clear sometimes (not sure what Channel does for example).

It also isn’t clear if any rune can be put onto any weapon. Like can I put fireball onto a sword? I don’t want to test this out because it’ll be permanently stuck there and I only have the one sword.

The enchantment system also isn’t clear. I enchanted a common weapon and rather than becoming rare, it became plagued. I didn’t know that was a possibility. It’s also not obvious from the tooltip that enchanting is simply just increasing a weapons rarity level. it’s just kind of vague and poorly explained; I only realized it after the fact, and since it doesn’t increase damage, and apparently has the possibility of giving me a negative attribute, I don’t see any incentive to do it. Most importantly though it just needs to be explained better, I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure the tutorial was misleading and used the term “infuse” incorrectly.


Agreed. It’s kind of frustrating to spend the limited currency on runes that you aren’t sure exactly how they work, and to remove them destroys the weapon.


To be fair, the Rune descriptions do show which weapon types they can be applied to when you look at them in your inventory.

I do agree that I’d like to see more detail on what they do, but it’s no different to Elden Ring in that regard.

Enchanting tutorial does explain about purple vs blue enchants, and enchanting is always going to add power to the gear. It will pretty much never make a basic item worse.

Incorrect. I have enchanted at least 6 or more common items and they always result in a cursed item. Maybe the table needs to tweaked? Right now I have completely given up on enchanting for now.

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Nah not incorrect, they can be cursed or enchanted. You’re exaggerating.

I’m not exaggerating. I have NEVER had a successful enchant of a common item. It has ALWAYS resulted in a cursed item.

Sorry you’ve had horrible luck!
Just enchanted my first item, Brothers Keepers (daggers), and it came out blue (rare?). Four nice upgrades,

  1. attack stamina decrease
  2. attack extra damage
  3. Health on parry
  4. Increase Durability

Definitely think it’s worth it!

Note, I now only have one gem slot and only a second rune slot.

So looks like enchanting takes away custom build on weapons if one has enough gems?

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I agree to an extent, runes should have an explanation as to what it actually does. You can try to put a rune on a weapon to see if it will equip to said weapon and if it doesn’t then you won’t have the option, pretty simple. This is early access, so you should try out things, use a second version of a weapon if you have doubles to test things. This will help you understand and help find things that could be addressed during this phase of the game to make it better. Test things but be careful that you don’t use your main gear to test with. I accidentally scrapped my main weapon that was upgraded to level 2 with a bunch of good gems and what not, all gone by accidentally trying to pull a rune from it. Luckily I was able to farm up quick to get it back to whatnot was minus a gem or two that I had.

Test but be careful when doing so!

He’s not exaggerating…I had to enchant like 8 things before I got a blue one…I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. It does hit both but I agree the table needs to be tweaked.

Totally agreed! I actually cant believe that they didn’t do this and I am sure that they are working on it as we speak! :slight_smile:

A cursed item is not nessecarily worse.

they have big benefits and a downside… not all the possible downsides will be bad for your play through…

But yeah it would be nice to be able to choose how far it going rather than be random… Rare or Cursed

I have yet to find a cursed item where the positives make the negative palatable.

BTW, I finally tried enchanting again and on the 14th item I finally received a non cursed item. Since then I have enchanted 2 more items and neither have been cursed. It may have been an unacknowledged tweak of the tables. I also am playing on a realm created at launch as that does make a difference.

I agree, I’m only in the first realm since launch and i have yet enchanted any other rarity except curse and most of the time the cons weigh over the pros and the item isn’t worth it. I think it would be only fair if we could un curse these items somehow maybe by merging them with the same item that isn’t cursed.

health on parry and increased durability are pretty much dead stats. I can see some rare cases when health on parry can be useful, but durability is literally useless.