Rune Feedback (Replacing runes & tooltips)

The rune system is pretty decent for how early in early access Wicked is right now. However, I do believe there’s a few things I’d recommend adding.

I feel as though the player should be allowed to replace existing runes on weapons with new ones. Have it so the rune that’s being replaced is lost to balance it out. This way there’s a bit more flexibility, but also not to the point where a player can just cycle through runes for free.

There needs to be tooltips on runes giving a brief explanation on what the spell does. For example, I bought the Thorns rune, hoping it would be an AOE floor spell that does damage to enemies when they walk over it, but it’s actually just a damage reflect spell. (Which is useless for me as a mage, but useful for tankier builds. I wouldn’t have spent money on it if I knew what it did.)

A little extra note is that sometimes, on mouse & keyboard, when extracting runes from a weapon, I will select one rune and it’ll instead ask if I want to extract a completely different one to the one I selected. I feel this might be a cursor issue as I have experienced multiple problems elsewhere with the cursor as well.


Totally agree.

Without the tooltips or description from within the item itself, it is up to players to discover the effects of each rune after purchase. But with the current system where you can’t remove the rune without breaking the weapon, it becomes too cost prohibitive to experiment.

I guess it will be true for runes that you already know the effects of but stashed them away for future use. I imagine players forgetting what the effects of the runes are and then they’re back to the same dilemma.

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I strongly agree with this, it would open up so much customization.


Same. Bow 1 has Multi Shot and Bow 2 has better stats but has cone shot which is kinda useless in this game since it focuses more on 1v1 fights.

I just want Bow 2 and replace Cone Shot with Multi Shot.

Or buff Cone Shot with more knock back and slow.

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I really like all of these suggestions! Had similar thoughts at one point or another. I hope the amazing dev team, notices this and picks them up for implementation! :upside_down_face:

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I cannot agree more with this

The weapons use to bring some really bad runes on them and you can only add 1 more so at the end of the day you have almost 0 possibilities to customize your gear.

Actually it would be really, really nice to have some window explanation of what the heck does every rune. I found myself more than once putting the wrong rune in my brand new awesome weapon turning it into totally crap.

So yep I hope they able us to change the runes soon!


I agree and also would want same thing for gems.


Totally agree. And enchanted weapon should still have 4 rune slot. It’s OK to reduce the number of gems since you are getting bonus property from the enchant, but reduced rune slot is to big a drawback.