Rune system (Replacing runes)

Hello, I would like to suggest the ability to replace runes, on white items. It would increase their customisability

As an example, I just bought the bow
Laquered Bow, which so far is the only white weapon that does come with 4 pre slotted runes, don’t know if it drops without the additional runes, so I can not put in my favourite ability taken some of the awesome customisability away. I would love to be able to replace any of the four runes with the ones I enjoy using, including the first rune.
The bow comes with
1 - Arrow
2 - Evasive Arrow
3 - Fire Arrow
4 - Ice Arrow

By replacing the runes I would be able to customize the loadout to have
1 - Fire Arrow
2 - Cone Shot
3 - Ice Arrow
4 - Evasive arrow

With replacing I do not mean that we get the base rune back, but that it is destroyed in the process so in that example I would have replaced all of the runes with some I got from the same weapon but in a lay out that would fit me better.

edit fixed name of the cone shot
Edit 2: Added picture of the white bow since I got told by a friend about his unique version with same runes


I would also like to see a rune revamp. I think we should keep the “extract a rune and destroy a weapon” model but I also think we should have an option to destroy a rune without destroying the weapon so we can replace it with another.

There are so many runes and new things to find out and because of the RNG nature of the game it’s not a fun experience to find a very rare item and add a rune that you end up hating and now you’re stuck with it forever because you can’t find another weapon like the one you’re using.

The runes also don’t say exactly what they do before you buy them or insert them and it would be nice to have a visual indication of what runes actually do before equipping them.

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At the very least, I would like to be able to swap runes, so that it matches the bindings that I prefer.

This could be done similarly to how you select food, you just hold in the d-pad to get a rune selection wheel and then you select a rune to swap. It will then swap two runes so that you can have it your way.

Also, I really really would like to be able to replace runes.

I get that weapon skill is a bit unique but I hate when I found a really good weapon but then it has some bonkers skill I cannot use, like the One Handed Curved Sword, Kick Slash, what is that!?


Lol. I understand the confusion. I tested all runes (I have) and found Kick Slash is a short ranged AOE attack with a finisher. It can hit multiple enemies when swinging around the weapon before its’ final attack for direct damage.

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