Early game inventory management is a huge chore

I’d like to see, at the very least the materials tab made unlimited. Half of my trips to town were just going back to dump crafting materials because the crafting tab is so small. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an ARPG have crafting materials actually take up room in your inventory and it just seems like a dated concept that could be cut in favor of better QOL for the players.

Edit: Okay so, I’ve spent about another 10 hours with the game since creating this post and have made a ton of progress. Unfortunately the issue I faced originally with there being way too many different materials and no way to store them has gotten much worse. Not only are there dozens of different individual crafting materials all used for different things, there are multiple tiers of all of those crafting materials. My stash is full of crafting materials, my fully upgraded materials tab in my inventory is full of materials and I have no idea what half of this stuff even does because none of it is used to upgrade any of the gear that I’ve been using for my build. I think, in addition to there needing to just be an unlimited tab for crafting materials, the materials need to be simplified and consolidated (ie, the “rare” crafting components needed should remain the same like how diablo uses veiled crystals and later forgotten souls for things like crafting and upgrading). The inventory management in this game is some of the least fun I’ve had in a game in a long time and it all stems back to having to manage all of these crafting materials, not knowing what they’re for and not knowing if they’re something I even need to keep.


Bumping for visibility as I’ve added new information and I don’t know if an edit will bump a post.

I want to second that, would love to see unlimited inv. For materials at least, would love to see it unlimited for everything, but hey…


Raxxanterax has a pretty good example of the issues with inventory and stash space. As well as having to choose a reward to increase space over other rewards.

Timestamped the Stash and Inventory below:


I really hate inventory management, idk why developers keep adding this feature. It’s literally a chore and makes the game boring.


Devs. Please watch Raxxanterax video review about stash/resource management. He hits it right on the head. i am stuck right now because i dont know how to store my stuff and i feel like i cant go play without being forced to pass on materials because i have no room


wanted to add some more after thinking about it and advancing in the game a bit,


I wonder if that inv. handicap was added just so we could improve it upon consuming the Torn blood. Devs, I understand the need to reward players for beating a tough enemy and, but unless our character is a human backpack and we carry our inv. inside our flesh, I don’t see why the reward is opening more inventory slots.

regardless of your choice for an upgrade, I truly think that games like this, centered around exploration and a (very good IMO, although we need to discuss magic) combat system, should discard item and inv. management and let us, the players explore with ease, carry as many items as we can so we can try different builds (ie, armor/weapon combos) on the fly with out too much management to allow it. IMO games like this can only gain from freeing players to explore and experiment without inv. hindrance.


Agreed. The inventory should just be unlimited and the reward for the blood should be like a 1 time consumable that gives us some free stat increases or something like the runes that you can get in Elden Ring.

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Agreed. Inventory management is not fun. We should get way more space. You get more space with a house, but there’s not reason to need to wait for that.