Vendor crafting is too tedious

As the game progresses it becomes extremely tiresome to keep running back and forth from your chests to get what materials you want to use for crafting or upgrading, and I wish the vendors used materials that are in your chests instead of just what’s in your inventory. Inventory limits for cooking while exploring is understandable, but I feel like not having to run up and down the stairs just to grab a single item would be a great QOL feature


I second this… also it would make sense that the vendors could upgrade their respective armor types. It feels odd to go buy mats at the vendor then have to ask the blacksmith to sow me a new pair of gloves haha

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I 100% agree that when crafting it will also be able to use what’s in your storage as well. Dragons Dogma 2 does this. It is indeed too tedious to run back and forth from storage when crafting.

i’d love to see some sort of universal storage access in the market, or just universal access to relevant materials for vendors

Co-sign this. Saves a lot of time when building armor and weapon sets.

I totally agree. For crafting weapon and armor i go the street 25 times, absurd