Dual Daggers against shields

Whatever i do, i can only hit once and the second hit will be blocked.

Must i change weapon when i fight enemies with shield?

I am also playing dual daggers at the moment, they seem alright against shield too, you just have to be a little more patient, or try to go for parries only, which negate basically every advantage the shield gives to your opponent. Either that, or try to play with light load so you can dash behind them everytime they attack, get a couple of hits and then retreat

Of course I attack behind them,and only 1 hit.You think i change HP with mobs everytime?

And I play with light load,so I dont want to parry.Too risky.

Yeah, I have the same problem. Even waiting for an attack, dodging behind, and then attacking from behind results in the second hit being blocked basically 100 percent of the time.

I can’t imagine it’s intentional, and I hope it gets fixed.

There is an elite enemy using tower shield and lance.It almost hurts me everytime after blocking my second hit.AND I DO A SECOND HIT AUTOMATICALLY.
I do change HP with that kind of enemy.

LOL,dual daggers in Cleim Trial is really like a clown.when i meet those shield hammer,1 hit 1hit 1hit and 1hit.

I just found that you can backstab without breaking the white bar.But I still think that 2nd hit of normal attack is always blocked is wrong.