Enemies insta blocking every second hit

Playing with daggers, every enemy with shields can instantly block every second hit I give them, is this as intended?

I mean, we have stamina to limit how much we can attack consecutively, I believe we can add a little more flinch to enemies when we hit them in general

Based on my own experience, I would say functioning as intended.

What I do is dash behind them to effectively get them off balance. I can get one hit it > parry > few hits > restart that loop.

You also have to explore other combat techniques, such as parrying, dodging [aggressively], and charged attacks.

do charged attacks do anything different? I tried then but noticed nothing… :sweat_smile:

I normally play ARPG with colossal weapons, specially with charge attacks, they usually are slow but one shot everything, and this game works differently. Enemies take up to 3 or 4 charged attacks of a two-handed sword… and the diference in damage was so small compared to a normal attack that I never use then

Try dual daggers and see if you can do a normal 2hits attack to shields.

My solution for now is backstab.

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