Shield enemies are broken

please fix enemies with shield, they are just broken af. This instant 180 degrees turn as soon as they get hit is just horrible especially when play with something like dual wield daggers because the first hit procs them to instantly turn around and the second hit they ofc immediately block and can throw one off… its just really really bad

You know you can go behind them and backstab them, right?

I play dual daggers and there is nothing difficult in combat with shields.
You have two options, from a distance they rush at you and then try to get up. During this time, backstab them.

If the tactic doesn’t work out, it’s simple - he swings for a hit, dash it to the side (at the enemy’s side) and hit. Repeat until he dies. It’s easy.

Soon, even with your enemy swing, you will be able to make dashes and backstab them

Backstabbing is super bugged (at least for me) and almost never works for some reason

Maybe I did not express myself completely well. I can and am killing them, they are still silly broken with their instant 180 degrees spins/ turnaround

just practice. The easiest thing you can do when he starts to hit is to try to dash yourself behind him. At the moment of hit animation, it will not turn 180 degrees and you will have a short window to hit.

Hi. Dual dagger user here.

Gotta learn the tools at your disposal for shield users.

Fun facts!

  1. dual dagger users have access to a rune skill that breaks shields, and leaves the shield users staggered for quite some time.

  2. dodging and rolling is your friend.

  3. Distancing yourself allows you to hit them when they aren’t blocking if you wait for them to attack.

  4. did you know, you can dodge their charge attacks which leaves them winded shortly allowing you to…backstab them for practically an instakill?

Long story short, shields are fine. We have a few ways to deal with them.

does the backstab work only with daggers or also with swords? i ask this question because i’ve tried sneaking behind mobs to kill them with backstab, but the staff, for example, does not allow me to do sneak attacks. Was wandering if there were other weapons that had this restriction.