D&D Feat Style System To Replace the Current Ichor Inventory Expansion System

I think the Feat System is bad.

We have Weapon Choice by Stats. An Overlay with a Weapon Feat make the Weapon choice very small.

The same with armor. Choose a Armor Feat at the begin of Act1 for Light Armor and you feels that you are not good enough to dodge and needs heavier armor the bonus is obsolte and the char “broken”.

Find a Super Weapon but it has no Heat Damage und your Element Mastery is useless? Shit

Combine this with random Enchants. In the end nobody has the courage to drink the stuff because its restrict you for more power and behind every corner can lay a item that makle your regret the choice.

I think you are reasoning a lot from a power gaming perspective that plays in the moment. Then I can see some merit in your arguments. But, in the end I think it just boils down to being careful with what to invest in. If you pick a feat at random without thinking it through, then I do think it is the players fault. Respec should be a thing though to be able to undo those mistakes. I can understand some people have an expectation of a feat and then it might not play out as intended.

The entire idea behind the feats is to further enhance someone’s roleplay experience. If I make a Knight with a Mace and Shield. I will pick feats that are related to Plate, 1h Maces and shields. Maybe I’ll add some fire damage onto it. These feats help you further customize and personalize your character with a roleplaying idea.

I don’t think it limits your choices, but rather it requires the player to think about their build/class and pick feats that further that build/class.

I can say the same about finding a legendary bow as a non Dexterity user or someone who plays as a knight :upside_down_face:

No you cant.
Because i can farm “endless” for a legendary Sword but not Feat Points.

The reality is that D&D is a Group Game with a intelligent Game Master as its core. Where your Abilities are bound to a D20 and not Realtime Actions.

D&D the Strength lies in the Character.
In Wicked the Strength lies in the Player.

Your idea is to build a class with feat points. But in the end its useless because you cant change the player which holds the power in a Souls game.

In your system the people will choose some generic feats which are always active and no dead end over some game changing feats like a fixed armor class. The player dont know how hard bosses are. In D&D its always in the D20 range but in Wicked with a player based evade?

In your system,i can say with certainity the Shitstorm for a Reset Feat NPC will be big. So you can change the feats, thats the same like Talisman system from Elden Ring.

And we have no Single player ARPG with NPCs which can be conviced. Air conducts for evade enemies or hacker consoles for the self destruct code of the boss. The CORE Gameplay is combat only.

But, I can.

So I partially agree with your initial statement. I wouldn’t say ALL the Strength lies in the character with D&D and ALL the Strength lies in the Player with Wicked. But, the majority of power. Even though I don’t think they are too far apart. A bad D&D player will not understand a good D&D character. And, a good player can get more out of a bad character in Wicked then in D&D.

I don’t agree with the conclusion, however. It’s up to the player to get a better understanding of the character and mechanics. Also as a CRPG veteran, I really feel like you are underselling the D20 range. D&D 5E is dumbed down an extreme amount, whereas Pathfinder 3.5E is amazing in complexity. But, bosses are not just a D20 range. It is knowing what there weak spots are and which abilities to prepare and use. You overestimate the preparation component of tactical combat grossly. It has a lot more depth to it in preparation. Yeah, the rolls are simplified, not everything leading up to the roll. Potions, buffs, debuffs, timings etc., It also has Realtime Actions, go play wotr/kingmaker on RTWP. You will be responding to what several enemies are doing with several characters. It is way more complex than any soulslike can ever hope to be.

So feats can work in real time as well. They are just an additive bonus like an affix is, but you seem fine with those. I already said people should be able to respec.

Here the Number of Elden Ring “Feats” aka Talisman Slots.
When you have Respecc its the same “commitment” aka i can change them.

Make the Ringslots in Wicked like the Talismans in Elden Ring and voila the system is ready.

I can’t get behind a fest system with my (albeit limited) experience with them in BG3.

Fests seem like a cool concept to customize a character but in practice they just become mandatory steps based on what kind of character you were already planning on playing.

And that seems a bit redundant… A hat on a hat. Same with the skill tree discussion in my eyes.

I think the bonus stats from attributes that was proposed and access to more rune abilities is more reasonable form of character customization in the current game at least.

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Only problem is that the Focus use is a “Build” to. Means everyone must heavy use of Focus to spread your possibilites. Thats makes everybode somehow a “Wizard”.
Eldne Ring Talisman have rewards for everybody.

This is simply not true.
I made one character entirely reliant on focus and it is godlike.

I also have another character that does not even look at focus with his ass (and btw cannot even build up focus) and this character also wrecks anything in his way!

If you feel inferior, it might be that your build is shit.

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I dont think that DnD feats fit to this genre.
As already mentioned they

And also this whole topic has been discussed already (excessively) here:

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I gave those talismans a look over and I quite like some of them. I think the ones below would make for great additions to Wicked:

  • Axe Talisman: Enhances charged attacks.

  • Hammer Talisman: Enhances stamina-reducing attacks against blockers.

  • Twinblade Talisman: Enhances final hit of chain attacks.

  • Spear Talisman: Enhances counterattacks unique to trusting weapons.

  • Greatshield Talisman: Boosts guarding ability.

I like how these add to certain playstyles to create more depth. It was what I had in mind when I designed some of these feats. Either way, I hope the feats and those talismans get incorporated in the talent tree that they are making.

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My answer was for

I think the bonus stats from attributes that was proposed and access to more rune abilities is more reasonable form of character customization in the current game at least.

My answer:
Runes are chained to Focus means a more Focus centred build has more possibilities than a non Focus build. At the end you have a Focus heavy Build and 20 Runes or “Spells” like a Wizard or you are non Focus Fighter and “limited”.

Idk, we already have runes that use hp (to gain focus) so I don’t see a world where you can’t have active (attacking type or other) runes that do the same thing (consume HP or maybe some consume nothing depending on the action)

But that’s a specific case, the point I was trying to get at is the system we already have could be expanded over creating an entirely new one (just my take).

We have so little content to form an opinion of what this game will finally be that my opinion/thoughts would be around improving that systema in place before adding.

If there’s something completely missing then surely that’s another thing entirely.

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