Crucible Whisper

I have been trying to kill the crucible boss for 2 days and it is absolutely impossible. Now This does not necessary bother me at all, even though it needs to be nerfed in my opinion, its too fast, the mount moves a lot so its a bit crazy broken right now, but what bothers me is that i have to go through all the 10 floors over and over and over again just to get to him, and its effin annoying. For the love of god, dear devs i hope you see this message, PLEASE put a Whisper in the boss room after we reach to him so if i die, i will spawn right next to him and i can just go to HIM!

If people want to do the crucible as it is and go through the other 10 floors for farming reasons or what not they can simply ignore the Whisper and do all the 10 floors, but if someone like me that to be fair does not have a lot of time to game sometimes, it will be amazing to do the 10 floors once and then decide to take the whisper in the boss room.