Cons and pros and suggestions

cons -

  1. if you run to a ladder or a vine that climbable it won’t climb down instead it would jump off (would be awesome if it’s possible to add that if you run to ladder it would climb down and won’t ignore it)

  2. there is no option for reset skill points it would be awesome if there will be an option at the future cause during a run playthrough sometimes I find a cool weapon that I wish to try but I don’t have enough stats to use it because I was going on strength build because I love the blood-rusted sword lol so I go most times fully on strength

  3. this is kind of a con but it’s not the "end of the world " when I fight a boss sometimes my food run out then it chooses a random food I have in the bag like a mushroom or apple etc. it would be nice if the system would choose the second highest food I have in the bag instead when the food run out
    I found ways to fix this problem like I have a heal rune in my sword and having some heal on parry or removing the ingredients before the fight and keep only the ready meals in bag was nice solution but still would be nice to change it.

  4. can’t delete a realm I would love to be able to delete a realm that I don’t use instead of making new ones

pros - graphic awesome and I love the mechanics of fighting and I love the equipment weight system because without it it would be too easy need to be more calculative because of it I like the enemies design and attack mechanics though I would love to have harder enemies because now that im in mid game the enemies became too easy the boss are cool but still not hard enough in my opinion I like the city and the building options I like gathering resources the voice acting of the npc absolutely awesome they give so much color to the game the music nice to

suggestions -

1+2) add more things to build at city maybe some cosmetics to add to the city like add flags or some flowers or change buildings color and another option that can be interesting maybe add a mastery of using like specific weapon and you can make the stat higher by going in the city to training area and hit a dummy or while you fight monsters outside of the city and the stat maybe can give option to crit or extra normal damage or maybe after you have high mastery of two handed weapons maybe make the attack a bit faster than player who don’t have mastery or mastery for types of armor that will give boost for defense etc (of course if you add it don’t make it too op because right now even without it the dps very good and the armor but if its give small extra dps or defense can be nice )

3)I seen a lot of ppl complain about inventory space of course there is the system that after you beat boss you can add some slots to inventory but I think it doesn’t completely solve it because you don’t have a lot of monsters to kill that give the option to add enough space so in my opinion something that can be nice and balanced it’s to craft a backpack of different sizes for adding some extra space and the way I think that it can be balanced it would be that each backpack will have weight that will add to total weight of the player than the player will have choice of choosing if he want more space instead of heavy armor or if he want stronger weapon (investing more stats for using high stat req weapon instead of investing a lot of the carry weight stat ) and the good thing is there already cloth and leather in the game so the mats for the bag already there another option maybe add companion like in torchlight that can fight and add some extra loot space that it can carry and it would give some little help for players that don’t like multiplayer but like pets .

  1. I would love that if you can add more bounties to do weekly and daily maybe instead of real life each time a in game day pass add one daily bounty to do I think it will make the game a bit more immersive to , like you actually see that each day in game bring you something new of course that bounties right now give pretty good rewards and if there will be too much bounties the player will be op because of the money so I think the best solution to make a different type of bounty than the ones that we already have like a time limit bounty that each in game day pass it add one and it would be hard bounty but good reward

  2. please add elite types of enemies that will look different than normal mob and much much stronger and will give nice loot or mini bosses around the map that will spawn from time to time when a day or few days of in game pass another option for future after you add multiplayer / co op is to have a raid boss would be interesting

that all from me ty very much if you read all my thoughts and for your time much love and this game it’s one of the very best, I played this few last year’s I’m looking forward for future content of it in the meantime I will continue grinding it :slight_smile: .