After 40 Hours in Game

After 40 hours

The gameplay is enjoyable and challenging. The in-game systems seem balanced, but there is still room for improvement. The city system is nice. All in all, a very enjoyable game.

Things that can improve


-It would be sweeter if there was less chance of rain in the city. It would bring out the more peaceful side of the city.

-We should be able to sit on the chairs in the city or on the seats in the vendors. It would be nice to sit and chat with friends, especially on the seats in restaurant and inn.

-There is only one child in the city and it dulls the vitality of the city. There could be children playing in the city center.

-NPCs say the same sentences every time we pass by, maybe new dialogs can be added or the possibility of saying sentences every time we pass by can be reduced.

-Most of the NPCs are standing in the city center, it would be much better if they wander randomly.

-If we can use the camera freely while placing things in our house, we can place things much easier.


-It would be great if we could use a single arrow as the main weapon. Then it would feel like a real archer. We can only kill with a bow and arrow. We can have an arrow stabbing animation like a dagger as the main weapon, but we can increase the focus and use it to shoot arrows.

-What if there were big bows based on strength, they can be used with two hands.

-In a system that offers three different gameplays with weight increases based on what we wear, it would be nice to have three different breathing animations. Breathing more slowly as you get heavier would increase believability.

Cerim Crucible

-The enemies on each floor are always in the same places when you enter the floor. It makes the replayability boring, if they were randomly placed or had a few combinations, it would keep the excitement and curiosity high in every playthrough.

-It would be nice if bufs and debufs were described in the character info menu because some symbols are unclear what they mean.

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