20+ ways to improve the game

First of all i am really impressed about the game. Its original beauty world with fine combat and great made level design. City progression and general game idea is just awesome however game needs some improvements about options, balance,

Changes i propose:

  1. Delete loosing durability after death and make we are losing some % of exp we had before dead (Imo 50% of exp is fair so if we die with having 880/1400 exp then we are losing 440 exp for dying)

  2. Difficulty levels. Actual game mode should be normal. Easy mode should decrease enemies damage and health and make repairing free and death costs us nothing. There should be also a mode for people like me “Hardcore mode” where enemies deal dmg x2 and have hp x2 but also give us exp x2 and money from selling stuff is x2 and dying makes we are losing a lot of exp. Most important thing for Hardcore mode should be INCREASED ENEMIES DENSITY. Please. For me the game is definitely too easy and i would like to have much more challenge

  3. Option in whisper to forgot map and instant resp every enemies resources etc.

  4. Option to change the upgrade we pick for that special item from the old man. I choosed it wrong when I upgraded first time and every second for next 10 hours I was thinking about starting the game again to correct this choice. Buying cost 5 silver at Eleanor shop

5.Item to reset our stats from levels. Buying cost 5 silver at eleanor shop

  1. Item to teleport to city or to last encountered whisper. Cost 10 copper coins at Eleanor shop

  2. Add repair ashes to blacksmith offert. I would really like to spend a few silver coins to just buy it and dont go to blacksmith all time

  3. Increase durability of tools with their tier. Actual tier I and tier II tools both has 50 durability and it should be 50 for tier 1 and 75 for tier 2

9.If we have not enough stamina to make an attack like we have 5 stamina but attack cost 15 we should deal a hit with decreased damage by like -20%

  1. Please add Limited and hard to get Item to reset daily/weekly things at city.

  2. If we have no stats to equip some item we should be still able to equip them but they should have decreased stats by 80% to just let us check if its fit graphicly and check weapon movement before we spent stat points.

  3. Rebalance requirents. I have 2 shields where one of them require 22 faith and second one require 22 agility. There are 2 problems. First problem is that the numbers are too high and to make it more similar to Dark Souls it should be like 15 for tiny shield and not 22 but 18 for medium shield. Second problem is that faith stat to equip shield… REALLY? It should be strengh only. Faith and inteligence should be only for magic stuffs.

  4. Additional bonus every 5 points in every stat
    For every 2 points to health player should get additional resistances to fire cold etc. by 5 points
    For every 2 stamina additional increased stamina regen by 1
    For every 2 strengh carry weight + 5kg
    For every 2 agility decrease stamina cost from every source by 1%
    For every 2 Inteligence increase exp gain by +1%
    For every 2 Faith increase Focus gain by +2%
    For every 2 stats into weight stat the weight of items we use is decreased by 2%

Also please Add charisma stat that will increase prices we are selling items on per every stat and for every X charisma we get Y% discount on buying items

  1. Nerf hp regen on items by half. actual small regen on items makes game completely easy bcs its just overpowered, with 2 items like this we can tank every single hit and dont even care to dodge or block or parry

  2. Items from recipes are actually too weak and cost too much. Its much easier and better actually to just buy random stuff than craft them so crafted items from recipes should be buffed

  3. Option to delete spell on item and make it white item without any special effect again

  4. Option during enchanting items to choose if we want a safe spell and blue effect or we want dangerous spell with purple effects.

  5. Add exp gain for cutting trees and mining. Small thing but really important. It should be only a little

  6. Increase values of gained gold. I often gain 2-3-4- copper coins and its not even worth to grab something like this bcs when i get any shit white item i am gonna get 70 copper or 90 copper or 40 copper so… lets make gathered money more like not 2-3-4-8 copper money but it should be 2x of level we have so if i have level 14 i should find minium 28 copper money

  7. New enchant effects:
    a) Armor/hp/stamina increased after killing enemy for next 10 seconds
    b) +dmg when u have 100% hp
    c) +dmg when u have less than 30% dmg
    d) -dmg taken when u have 100% hp
    e) - dmg taken when u have less than 50% hp
    f) Your all gear durability is repairing by 1 points every time u kill an enemy
    (There should be also an option to see every single enchant effect you can get on enchanting items. Just click and puff full list of effects we can get)

  8. Possibility to buy Ichor plague for 1 gold coin with unlimited buys. Or maybe price should be scalling with level i am not sure how easy is to get 1 gold later (I reached lvl 14)

  9. Resting bonus from 4 hours after logging etc… should be changed bcs i wasnt even once using it yet bcs when i am leaving the game i dont think about this where i am and i am just going out but i would like to rest during night to make a day and get a rested bonus. So. if we have a day and we go to bed in game there we should have a night and get a rested bonus. If we have a night and we go to bed there then we gonna get a day and rested bonus

  10. Maybe its in better upgrades merchants but i really want to buy some rings i played 16 hours and i got only 4 rings in the game and so i find them so rarely i would like to buy some of them and i found only one to buy. There should be more rings in merchants stores especially at Eleanora shop and as much we upgrade her shop as better rings there should be to buy

Last thing. I dont care what people will say but u guys made a really good job with this game and the best thing is that its fresh and original and I feel good old RPG here. I am really glad that i bought this game and its definitely worth that money. Keep up the good work


Nah, leveling is slow already, loosing exp on death won’t make game better, durability loss is fine after few hours into the game, they can decrease durability loss for first few quests and bring it back to as it is now


very nice list and insightful! I would just like to point out for your 14th item, that for people that would like to become healer or tank specs, those buffs make sense, but they should fit our actual level, and not feel overpower at level 1, but should make a difference at higher levels, imo :slightly_smiling_face:

@Anton_Maslyukov I understand your point of view. WHen i had like level 1-6 i thought same=its really slow but actulally with around -20% exp gain due to cursed items i level really often so its more early game problem only that dissapear later when u fight much quicker with enemies. Btw it makes that u loose exp only when u are near level or after half of the level but if u had no exp storaged on your character then u can die without any cost.

@DeathName Yes, first levels felt way slower than 8 to 15, despite levels requiring more xp. So I agree, maybe balance out the early game to be more fluent, now it’s a mess of trying to learn the game and running around in hopes to find grass. Just watch a stream, same thing, streamer had a bunch of mushrooms and no grass.

What makes early game worse is player has little understanding of attributes, so not really knowing where to put points and having so little of them due to leveling problems.
Like I just was having fun exploring und leveled up 7 levels very quickly, I think you right, it just because now fights don’t take more than 10-15 secs.

Perhaps if mob density was a bit higher or xp drops at the beginning it would be nicer

Hm, reminds me of loosing souls/runes in game from fromsoftware, but since enemie’s respawn time is high, you can’t just go back and get exp back, you lose it and no way to retrieve it. At least in DS or ER you could pick up your souls back, and yes, amount of runes picked back up is no 100%, this system feels a lot more fair, than just losing exp. Even if it’s just 20% at the end of the level that would be lost. Imagen player facing a challenge, that they yet to overcome, and they just need this boost from a few points in attribute, but every time they almost there - they die. Again. Again. And Again. Not reaching the level requirements. That would feel so bad, I’m sure, most will just close the game and never open it again.

I saw feedback on enchanting, another player got something similar to what you propose, it was xp lose on death curse, and gues what? Player asked to remove curses from enchanting completely. One affix was enough to ruin his impression of cursed items. I quite enjoy using them, since they provide powerful affixes. But that one unlucky player just threw away that piece. So I don’t think making it a permanent thing, that every player should have would benefit the game.

Games can be hard, but you should fight enemies and bosses, not game’s mechanics and systems. This change could go well or lean into a disaster.

Okey i understand that idea with xp loss needs to be considerated much more than i thought. Maybe if u could get back your exp after killing that enemy it would be good enough? I actually feel when i am dying i am not losing anything and in general in my point of view game is too easy so i would like to have maybe some difficulty levels and on easy difficulty u would loose nothing on normal gear durability and on hard difficulty exp? + it would change mobs density hp dmg and even some hardcore mode with mobs x2 hp and x2 dmg for x2 exp and x2 better prices at merchants sounds cool for me. With 3 difficulty levels i think everyone would be happy

Sure, picking exp back up would be fair.

On the feeling of losing something on death, same, pretty much don’t feel punishment for death at end game, early game suffers the most, but overall not so mush. And when I was playing Elden Ring there was no place for even thinking that games punishes player to much for death, it all seemed well balanced

I 100% agree. Getting exp especially “late game” to get to lvl 21 is a nightmare. Can’t imagine loosing like 40 minutes of slaughtering mobs because I fell down a plank.


Loosing durability is fine, it’s like a slap on the wrist, you can die like 10 times before you need to go back and repair, and that’s if you don’t have a repair powder at hand.

Reseting instances for resources in a whisper would be too OP and defeats the intended game feeling.

Ichor is a non issue, you can just create a new realm, kill the first boss, kill the two weekly quests and you got 3 ichor in like 20 minutes. You can get close to max upgrades in an hour if you so desire.

Reseting stats would be nice, should be cheaper though.

You get a teleport back rune.

Ability to buy repair powder would be nice.

Durability on tools has already been increased and by more than you asked.

It’d be nice to be able to try out things we don’t have the stats for, yeah.

Faith in this game is a paladin/cleric archetype, so maces + heavy’ish armor + shields. It makes perfect sense.

Additional stats … idk about that.

Charisma stat is bad.

Disenchanting items would be great.

Resting bonus should be after 4 hours IN GAME, not IRL time.


Part 2 of suggestions:

1.Additional digging spots. Trees and Iron is much easier to get than clue actually even after patch so it would be nice to get a digging spots in this places:

(Nameless path at start and two in a cave hidden by waterfall. One the beach at start of the game and last one on the same beach hidden at the end of it

  1. Grinnich should have much more rings on sell like at least 3 of them rotating daily not only one. By my frist 16 hours of game i got only 4 rings and after next 16 i got like next 10 of them but still i would like to see more variety to make a choice and not just wear bcs i have nothing else

  2. Please add legendary rings from bosses (idk if there is any legendary ring in game bcs i havent seen any but imo there should be)

  3. Option to buy potions at caroline store at start small potions only but later medium and large ones when we upgrade a tavern enough. Add to game also HP potion that gives hp regeneration in time for 60 seconds (Please change also that every even bigger potion is for 60 seconds. Small potions for 60 seconds? Sure, but medium and large ones should be for 120 and 180 seconds bcs they are not usefull much if its not focus potion)

  4. New NPC. Warehouseman Thomas or something. The guy would sell us a backpacks and could also sell us a room with chest/chests for gold (Backpacks bcs it would be cool to be able to expanse inventory and chests bcs we are getting houses late and some way to buy storage place would be cool so (Image showing the place for this NPC and his building)

0 = no upgrade - he tells us that he would like to restore his warehouse
1 = restored warhouse - He will sell us small backpacks (Should work like a chest inside of our inventory but with less capacity and there should be limited number of backpacks we can carry) and we should be able to buy a room where will be a one chest with a 20 slots
Upgrade level 2 = Storage room has now 2 chests and Thomas can sell us medium backpacks
Upgrade level 3 = storage room has now 3 chests and Thomas can sell us huge backpacks

  1. Stats and city. When i see a greatsword that require 26 dexterity or 42 inteligence or 42 faith i am really suprised and thats in negative way. Statistics should be like in Dark Souls:
    Strenght = For swords/greatswords and heavy shields or
    Dexterity = For curved swords, daggers rapers and small shields or spears
    Inteligence = For magic stuffs and nothing else.

Faith = Church. Priests could sell Holy Weapons and holy talismans with some magic based on healing effects and buffs auras etc. That would make faith pretty cool if i could before boss fight use some 1-2-3 spells to buff myself with faith not just beacuse my weapon require faith when it shouldnt come on.

Second thing that i would love to see from Church are buffs. Lets say once per day i could get from a priest a bleesing that will give me additional small hp regeneration for 15 minutes andi could buy that blessing for him again for some silver like 5-10 silver. I would really like to could interact with every part of the city not only have half of the city usefull and half empty so the church and warehouseman thomas are two ways to increase our interactions with a city.

Third thing about city i would love to see are bigger houses. I would like to be able to buy for 2-3-5 gold coins a huge house. Lets say a player firstly gonna buy some small house and live there but with late game he could move to much bigger house with more space

4th thing is a new captain here:

From every human bandit we beat we should get their scalp and there should be an option to give to that new captain all gathered scalps. Also there should be an option to sell Plague Ichors to that captainas a proof of destroying some huge evil monster

  1. Option to buy repair powder at blacksmith and every tool at blacksmith not only shovel and pickaxe

  2. Possibility to reset daily/weekly bounties and challenges with some item if i want to do them few times in one day why would game stop me?

  3. Option to upgrade our house at Davos for some 50 silver or something that will get us a new room/rooms in our house or additional floor or something