Collected List of Minor Bugs

Doors with “Missing Interaction”:
Inn Level 2
Enchantress Level 3

Minor Grammar / Word Problems:
Crafting Shack level 3 upgrade is missing a space between “advanced” and “furniture”.
Cerulean Hightower Shield - description says “Grate Shield” instead of “Great Shield”

Water Creatures:
AI feels off. For the swimming tadpole/snakes that spawn more of themselves on death - they’ll just stay in the water staring at you. Never come to shore. Can’t draw them in even when getting close; they will attack in the water then stay away.

In Chest or In Shops - Lose 3rd Weapon/Offhand Despite Unlocked
Happens both with chests and when interacting with merchants. Can see I do have a third weapon but in chest it shows as not unlocked. Screenshots:

Tier 3 Armor Upgrade Progression
Tier 3 Armor upgrades cost 10 silver ingots out the gate for first upgrade? Then 4 each after that. Seems out of order?

Extermination Challenges:
I have only successfully completed these twice, and two I searched high and low and could not find a remaining enemy. Diablo does something that once you get down to the last 10-20 enemies it will highlight them actually on the map; maybe not doing that outright but once you get down to the last few it maybe shows a circle on the map for spawn area of final enemies? Otherwise these are a total chore to complete, and if it’s bugged it’s hard to tell. I know I’ve fully mapped some spots and I have overcleared an area (IE, it says “northern nameless pass” and I just cleared the entire damn thing)

Screenshot of guy in area that is now unreachable:

Before hotfix I was able to get here but I don’t think I was supposed to be able to. They removed access from the rocks SE of here.