Some minor bugs and tweaks reporting


  1. Performance - When walking towards the east gate, 10m before, the screen stutters and sometimes the sound as well. The game runs super smooth for the rest of the maps (AMD 7700X, RTX4090,64GB)
  2. UI - when you change helmet and the helmet was not according to your liking and you switch back, your tested helmet stays in your picture next to your healthbar. this can last until you restart the game.
  3. Sleeping in the tavern did not heal me nor did it gave me any bonus after 8 hours of waiting, Does it only give you a bonus when fully healed? sleeping in most games would heal you…
  4. The game crashed a few times unexpected. That was not the case when it was just released… patch 6 did something.


  1. When you wanna decorate your house and have placed at least one item, it would be nice if you can align the second item next to the first (shelves, cabinets, etc.)
  2. The room between going into a sidle and getting inside a door (when you can go through) needs to be improved. I go many times in sidle, while i wanna go inside the crafting shack
  3. when you do a bounty or challenge it would be nice if you can get some waypoint where you can find the enemies. i had multiple times that i was searching for an hour and could not find them. or increase the spawn rate and set a cap of how many you have to kill to achieve the challenge.
  4. There should be many more building projects to also improve for instance the living conditions of the poor. or that the garden grows many more vegetables / fruits that you can use
  5. A way to turn the camera, as it sometimes really hard (especially at night) to see where you can go or jump. Its not fun dying over something that you have to guess
  6. Not waiting for when the building projects are finished. You wanna continue with the game and do not wanna wait until you can buy the new weapons, potions…
  7. Easier way to use a light source. especially for chars who use two handers…

Again thank you for the great game and fixing so fast all the wishes and bugs from day 1. I skipped two weeks and came back after the 6th patch and many small bugs / irritations have been fixed.