Early Access feedback

Played the game for 12 hours so far. Running the game on Linux (Fedora 40) via GE-Proton-9.3.

The system is: Ryzen 5 5600x, RX 6750XT GPU (ASUS), 32 Gb RAM. Current settings: 1440p, Balanced graphics preset.

Issues encountered:

  • Stutter. At semi random points in the game everythin stops often for a few seconds, while audio continues to play as normal. Often this happens during intense particle effects, like during a level-up or interacting with spawn point. Maybe related to shader compiling?
  • Several times hard crashed when switching display modes from Full Screen to Full Screen Exclusive.
  • Hard crashed to login screen during the first cinematic in the Sacrament
  • Several random crashes in various places. No idea why
  • Once running back through the castle that was just cleared, all the recently killed enemies decided to stamd up and T-pose. But they were non-interactive and I couldn’t hit or damage them in any way and they didn’t move or act.
  • Once, when entering the Glades, all resource node had HP bars displayed at all time (even when not mining, collecting resources). This only affected a small area of the map though
  • Overall poor performance on my system. Not just the stutters but framerate regularly dips below 30
  • Tutorial messages keep coming up especially in Sacrament when entering the market and interacting with some of the vendors even after 12 hours
  • Sometimes assigning materials to the building projects doesn’t work

Other feedback:

  • No decent armor selection for Dex builds so far
  • Parry on stabs doesn’t work consistently. Some enemies’ stabs I haven’t been able to parry at all even though I specifically tried for a while.
  • The default number of resource slots is just too few, results in ridiculous amount of back-tracking.
  • The drawbacks of all purple items are so huge that I haven’t yet found even one that is not detrimetal overall.
  • No sorting options for the Community chest and the chest is waaay to small.