Couple of bugs i've run into today

Challenge Enchant a weapon auto completed without even talking to the enchanter.
Second was that sound would disappear in crucible against one of the axe wielding enemies.
And 3rd was while exploring the mines, enemies started reappearing but just standing there and not actually being there, they would make a “draw weapon” sound and just stand there with no animation. Also trees that I’ve already cut down would do the same.


The enchant thing has happened to me multiple times. I ‘think’ it’s simply caching previously performed enchantment and counting those for the completion.

Yeah sometimes when you finish a quest or bounty the area resets before the clock, theres one i guess that resets everything, killing the twins does that too, if you have a quest in that area after you finish and deliver when you return enemies that were supposed to be there return, like the crab in the mariners keep.

Thats not the issue, there are bodies that ive killed and just statue mobs standing and not doing anything and not Respawning.

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Can confirm that you don’t need to enchant anything for it to auto complete. Started a new character and as soon as I exit the city with the quest it’s marked as finished.

I started getting this bug where my character would Auto-loot chests. I open the chest and it would Loot All without ever opening the Menu to see what’s inside nor any input to “Loot All”. I’ll admit, I like this but also…why does it happen only sometimes and randomly.

Yes, if doing a Bounty or Challenge and you complete it, enemies can insta-spawn in that area. I’ve had this happen killing enemies in the Upper North area of Nameless Pass where you fight the Boss.