Bugs, Missing labels, Suggestions, Love-Sharing

Since I can only create 3 posts a day, I will use this as a collection of feedback I currently have:

  1. Hi there, first I think that the main city is really, really nice with a lot of unique spots and characters. When I was walking around, I noticed a spot where there were some flowers which were glitching when moving around. The flower type is marked in my screenshot. It should be at the higher stages of the city where you can walk right or jump over a missing segment from the way and then walk upstairs.
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  2. Sometimes the hitbox of interactive game objects like the tree in the cave, or closed doors is not working as well as they should. Like I’m pressing Y to open the door and my character is just pushing himself to the wall. Fortunately, this “issue” only came up four times within roundabout 6h of playtime.
    Wicked Bug Reporting

  3. Missing german labels I’ve found so far:

  • “Leveling Up”
  • “Are you sure you want to level up”
  • “Remove” when removing a marker
  • “Press Y when a fish bites, to reel it in”
  • the whole cooking menu (“How many”, “Accept”, “AMOUNT”, “Cancel”)
  • “You need to wait XX before you can consume another meal”
  • “Purchase” and “Price”, when buying things (e.g. at Filmore’s)
  • I think the description for focus and intelligence
  • Sometimes places to fish when you don’t have a fishing rod in your inventory
  • Before talking to the daughter and dad at the campfire, I’ve seen Spanish or Portuguese text instead of localized german one
  • The name of the menu for resources (just the word resources)
    Wicked Bug Reporting
  1. personal suggestions:
  • Maybe changing the color of the soul looking loot bag after defeating an enemy (more like in classic ARPG, but I could understand it if you want to keep like in games like Dark Souls :slight_smile: )
  • Removing the life bar of player when he gets hit within combat from stamina window area
  • Option to define that you want to accept equipment changes. Sometimes I press buttons very fast, and then I switch my outfit or weapons close and the menu and have to look up which I’ve changed. Maybe this is a problem just of mine, but maybe you see this also as an issue
  • Maybe I’ve overseen this, but I didn’t notice any kind of tutorial about effects like fire or this poison like thing
  • Sorting criteria “Price” which sorts the items by sell value (because the size of inventory is not very big at the early stages of the game)
  • When consuming the last unit of healing item, the game should switch to the next created meal item automatically or the priority of healing items should be set by the player like (1. Curry, 2. Mushroom soup, 3. Apple) or as a third suggestion, you could allow the player to select multiple healing and secondary items and switch between them. Since a lot of buttons are already in use, I would suggest letting the player hold “Y” and the up/down on the d pad to switch the items
  • don’t allow players to buy recipes they already have. I mean they are labeled with “already learned” but why should they even buy it. When you are not showing already learned recipes, players don’t have to read through those items and aren’t inquisitive about this
  • Maybe this is something you won’t integrate, but it’s a feature I love to see in all kind of games. I’m speaking about a bestiary to lookup foes, bosses and because it’s matching for this game maybe also a wiki for the NPCs and buildings of the game (e.g. like in Assassin’s Creed 3)
  • When looting a chest where one menu is full, you don’t see the notification that one of your inventories is full
  • Option to let characters talk automatically to avoid that players skip some text sequences
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  1. performance issues:
  • after entering the sewers, my fps dropped from 60+ to 28 and then my game crashed 3 times within 30 minutes. I hope this was just bad luck because the overall performance is very okay for my hardware and just this segment didn’t work good
  1. segment about sharing some love <3
    I really love No Rest for the Wicked… Ori and the blind forest and Dark Souls 3 are one of my most favorite games ever (and Diablo 3 too). The art style is definitely 10/10; The weather and lighting effects are just breathtaking. The visual design of enemies and characters in general is really on point, not only grotesque, but also unique. I love the combination of Action RPG, Souls and a little bit of Zelda. I really appreciate the opportunity to create markers on the map and that I can explore the world and find many hidden secrets, which are only hidden in matching points of the world. The game has housing, resource management, crafting and with that meal crafting a mechanic like the food in Monster Hunter, which I really love too. Where the number of enemies in the first 6 hours is really manageable, all enemies fight differently, and you have to fight them differently. Every weapon feels unique and for the first time I feel invited to experiment with many different weapons. The power system with the fog of war, stronger enemies at later phases of the game, still motivates to travel back to old locations. The movement is also really fluent… You can dash really fast, backstab enemies, block attacks or parry them (like a combination of souls and Hades though). The automatic camera movement never made problems so far. Because of the partial removing of the area, you always see what you need to see. And I know it’s a small thing, but I really appreciate it that the game is telling the player which item is needed to get somewhere through, like with the keys. By that, you are giving the player more knowledge about when he can backtrack to some places <3

Keep it up guys, I think NRFTW is a great game and will even get better in the future.
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