Miscellaneous Bugs (Gold,Weapon Special Attack,Shield Weight)

First of all,congrats on the EA access!
im including three bugs in this post( i have named the vidoes in the same way):

  1. Gold Bug => the gold displayed is wrong,it seems it cannot go over 100,you can see it in the two videos related to this bug. Im able to reproduce this at basically every merchant.
  2. No Weapon Art => this is an issue where i cant perform some special attack (LB+X in my case is Throw) of some weapons (primarly one handed weapon) teven when i remove the shield.
  3. Shield Weight => the weight of the shield is not working.

when viewing logs, Keep in mind that ive made a new character since this bugs happened.
thank you again keep it up!

I have the some bugs too Bro. Any tips already?