When i sell stuff i dont get the gold but its being taken from me like i buy it,it needs to be fixed immediately because i lose tons of gold,i dont know if someone else got the same issue like i do. PLEASE FIX IT

Yes! Still have this problem. Lvl 10 and don’t have gold. Sell everything for free.

Woah what a weird bug! I wonder if it fixes in a new realm?

I found this info:
Coins are separated in 3 types : Gold (equals 100 Silver) then Silver (equals 100 Bronze) and Bronze. Once you reached 100 Bronze it becomes 1 Silver and 0 Bronze.
You have 150 coins ? Should therefore show 1 silver and 50 bronze.

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oh yeah this is it,im trippin because i thought why do i lose coins when i sell stuff ,i dont know if the game tells you about this,thx