Cerim armor bug

Armor value doesn’t change when upgraded
Woulda posted a picture but can’t because Im to new lol


Also have this issue, and friends have this also. Only on the Cerim armor as well.

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Almost likely the armor is already at max level but shown as level 1 still.

Just reached lv21 and was very eager to changed to the Cerim Armor Set!

Went to the enchanter and get all 4 piece enchanted: got 1 purple helm and the rest are in blue, off to a great start!

Then I went to the smithy to get them upgraded… I was clicking upgrades like it’s a regular chore as I’ve upgraded many gears in the past. Then once I used up all my armor shards, I found that my Cerim gears are still weaker than the Lv11 gears that’s been fully upgraded just before needing the tier 3 materials… and now I’m here writing this bug :frowning:

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Leaving Comment for Traction. I too have this issue…

Noticed the same issue as well.

I also have the same issue

same to me. I upgraded the chest piece to tier 3 “for the science” to see if changing the tier would make a difference. Now i feel like i wasted 8 silver ingot (2hours of proces time xD)

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same for me, i hope they fixed it with the latest patch, but its just a nice skin, yuou can upgrade for real other mesh armor with way better spec