Better idea: more weapon recipes

A Discord user had a better idea to balance the weapon variety problem.

Unlock more crafting recipes so players can choose their play style and work towards it.

This might not be as exciting as dropping RNG gear but honestly if a game offers over 100+ weapon types with different move sets and you almost reached the final boss of the first act not having fond a single one you want to use not even to mention with good stats this is ridiculous.
I initially found it a bit lame that crafting and enchanting could overshadow looting but tbh with this amount of weapon types it’s necessary to actually achieve the “creative build crafting” you were advertising for your game.

i think what would be nice is weapon dismantling.
if you dismantling weapons you should get mats and learn how to make this type of weapon or armor.

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that would be a fun idea but it would not solve my problem of not having found a single polearm in the game yet xD