Crafting weapons / armors

Would be cool to have the blacksmith able to “study” weapons/armor we bring to him so then we can craft them with our own material.

Have him do a research by giving him your weapon
then he sells the recipe
and then u’ll only need to get materials

i’ve played 51h, only dropped 2 gnarled saw, the second one i dropped and enchanted had terrible -XX% stamina … i’d love to be able to keep crafting them so i can try my luck again

this system could be even cooler if for instance, the research could allow the study of a plate armor done by the 2 sisters, so she can think of an armor that will be leather instead of plate / mail and give you something in between, less weighty, but with more armor than the usual leather, of course it will have to be hard to craft because basic leather armor would become useless otherwise~ but i think it’s doable, since some crafting items are pretty rare, on my playthrough i only dropped a few bear paw (lest than 7 i think) so yeah, here is my 2 cents : p


Yes, 100% agree on this.

I’ve been farming crestfallen knight pieces this entire week, same with Summer’s Sting. 2 hours of farming I usually get like 2 pieces 4 if I’m lucky.

The ability to craft more gear would be amazing, also due to the randomness of enchanting. I don’t mind farming resources for crafting since that is less time consuming.

It could be like a ‘‘dismantle’’ tab in the blacksmith where you unlock the recipe.


you’re not the first to mention this so i really hope they will pick up on that idea. it seems to be the best solution for this insane amount of different weapons in this game.


yes, dismantling definitely need to be something too, so people don’t get bored of farming material and can recover some of the materials, even if it’s luck based at least XD

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