30H ingame - General feedbacks

Hello !

I know you keep adressing things in patches and I would like to thank you for doing so and listening to us. Becaus eyou give us the opportunity to do so, I would like to suggest everything I thought about during my 30h playthrough in the following list :

  • Make it more clear with a specific icon when ennemies CAN’T be backstabbed. Like a red cross for example.

  • Faith weapons are a minecraft pickaxe and a golf club. i was expecting to be a paladin when putting points in it. Where are the 2H faith + strength claymores, hammers ? Faith scepters ?.. Shields ?

  • Give love to the “I’ll use my fists” guy. Like Cests so they have access to runes if they want to. ( The suplex is great ) Also tell people what fists damages scales on.

  • Shoulder bash when heavy weight does nothing on bosses. It should at least deal stagger damage with 0 health damage inflicted because it normally knocks ennemies over. You gave an additionnal tool to people that choosed sacrificing their speed and roll for armor. I think it’s only fair that this tool works in every situations because it’s a good idea to reward them for this.

  • I love that the more common an item is, the more runes you have in it, you should dig deeper with this idea. I would like blue to have 3 runes slots total for this reason OR create a rare gem that allows you to get : +2 runes slots on grey, +1 on blue, +0 on purple but you have X% less focus spent on the runes you use.

  • Progression waves and loot pools are weird. You have nothing to play with and suddenly, a lot of new items appear. I like that there’s a moment before everything goes hard mode again where you one shot everyone if you farmed enough or died enough because you bad, but transition should be smoother, you really hit solid walls when progressing the main quest.

  • It feels bad to see your food stock getting emptier and emptier every try on a boss, I ended up trying to finish bosses without any heals at all, which cost me in repairs at the end. I know you want us to farm but both repair and food feels bad, we are currently stuck inbetween bad choices.

  • You want players choice to matter so give them the tools, we shouldn’t have to buy, craft and test out things that costs a lot before knowing what we’re doing. Items comparison of equipped and hovered item. Description system of everything ( what does cold ? Faith stat ? what does lightning ? what does the channel Rune ? What is a fallen ember ? (I know what it is, but it shouldn’t have stayed 30h in my inventory if I knew earlier)

  • Buying a house arrive very late in the game and this is a pain. You should be able to throw your stuff in an accessible chest earlier (not the community one, a real personnal chest), like for example : A Limited time offer from Grinnich giving you access to a chest of his. Maybe you can make the player pay a small fee that scales with the number of items stored inside to access it.(he’s close to the city entrance and other NPCs AND he would make a nice NPC to offer such service. Maybe Whittaker would too, he would feel more useful early on too. Or maybe he can be the only one in the game with an enchanted chests that allow what I suggest for bellow :point_down: )

  • Chests should allow you to use the ressources inside from regular chests when you craft something / upgrade / enchant etc… or, just like in the enshrouded game : Craft special chests that can do it.

  • Make the “to our SICKENED island” girl shut up earlier.

Haha, a fellow Paladin connoisseur.

  • There is a shield called Crimson Guard (T2) that requires 18 Strength and 18 Faith.

  • There is a claymore called Summer’s Sting (T3) that requires 26 Strength and 26 Faith.

  • * Falstead’s Fury is a one-handed sword (Boss drop from Falstead in the sewers I believe) it requires 22 Strength and 22 Faith.

But yeah overall I wish there were a bit more Paladin ESQUE weapons. Some of the two-handed hammers look like they are meant for a Druid/Barbarian.

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